Realms of Quest V for the Commodore VIC-20, coming 2019!

Commodore VIC-20 game developer Ghislain de Blois is making major headway in his epic CRPG masterpiece “Realms of Quest V” which is expected to be released in 2019 and published by “Double Sided Games”. This new RPG for the VIC-20 is influenced by classic 1980’s games such as Ultima, WIzardry, Bard’s Tale, Phantasie, and Telengard. See the official post from the publisher at the link below.

Game features for the new Realms of Quest game are as follows…

  • Over 350 multicolor graphical images that depict the monsters, characters and scenery portraits
  • 16 races, 16 classes, 2 genders and 3 alignments
  • A party can have up to 10 player characters, plus 10 summoned monsters.
  • An overland map that exceeds it’s predecessor by a factor of four!
  • 20 Cities and 20 villages
  • Persons that you can talk to and interact with
  • 20 mazes and dungeons to explore

Realms of Quest V requires either a 32k expanded VIC-20, or alternatively you can play the game via a VIC-20 Emulator such as VICE.

You can learn more information about the Realms of Quest V on the VIC-20 denial forums (SleepingElephant).

or view/follow the developer’s twitter account at

Dare to survive the Realms of Quest ye mighty adventurers!

In the meantime before Realms of Quest V is released, you can play the previous games in the series. Check out the links below to access the older Realms of Quest games.

Digital versions of Realms of Quest I-IV can be downloaded from Psytronik Software’s site at the links below.
Realms of Quest (Trilogy I,II,III)
Realms of Quest IV (+Ultimate Quest Catacomb)



Realms of Quest V -the Soundtrack [the Demo EP] -by R’zo

Here is something fantastic!

R’zo ‘s demo EP of “Realms of Quest V -the Soundtrack

Tracks on R’zo ‘s demo EP are as follows…

1.) Open Sea
2.) Castle Gates
3.) Temple
4.) Satyrs Dance

To quote R’zo…”A 4 track demo ep containing music created with a Commodore Vic-20 from the up and coming 5th installment in the famed Realms of Quest series.”

Love this VIC-20 music!

For more of R’zo’s music see his Soundcloud page.

and bandcamp page

For more information on the upcoming Realms of Quest V, see this link to the VIC-20 Denial Forums.

+ also Realms of Quest creator+developer Ghislain’s twitter page

All Dungeon Designs complete for Realms of Quest 5

All Dungeon Designs for Ghislain ()’s Realms of Quest 5 are now completed and transposed onto their .txt format for VIC20 processing.  A total of 21 dungeons in total that were handdrawn by myself with extra effort to make the dungeons as the most diabolical as possible. haha!  :o)

I hope players of Ghislain’s Realms of Quest V have as much fun as I have had in designing the dungeon levels for the game as I had a total blast with it. So much fun. I love this kind of thing. and am most happy and grateful for being given the opportunity to give my creative input into the dungeon designs. I’m super happy with the dungeons and the boss monsters that have been created in this newest version of what will be the Realms of Quest V.

Now that the dungeons are done, there will be much testing to do, + a playthrough, or likely multiple playthroughs with varying party characters (race/classes etc.), to test for bugs and or level of difficulty issues and such. Plus then finally I’ll be writing up a storyline similarly to what I had done with the previous Realms of Quest IV release with it’s…

Gnarshm’s Book of Cartography: A Realms of Quest IV Story.

The next storyline will be a sort of continuing storyline of Gnarshm and Ruby’s crew and will be titled as such: Gnarshm’s Book of Cartography (Volume II) as seen in the screenshot linked below.


Digital Versions of Realms of Quest III + IV are available again!

Digital Versions of Realms of Quest III + IV are now available again through Psytronik Software’s new site, and they are on a name your own price! So get your VIC20 emulators ready, and head on over to Psytronik’s site to purchase/download these great turn based, party based dungeon crawlers and fight some monsters today! See links below for further emulator recommendations and system requirements, and information on all of the extra’s that come with the downloads.

Realms of Quest III

Realms of Quest IV

For more Psytronik software releases….



Taking a walk in the dungeon -Realms of Quest V

Here are Mead and the crew, taking a leisurely stroll through one of the dunjons in Realms of Quest V.  Let there be color! This is great! In Realms of Quest V each dunjon in the game may have their own color styles.

For visual dungeon comparison with the previous 2 Realms of Quest games, below here is one of the dunjons in Realms of Quest III.

Realms of Quest IV had black and white wire-frame graphics, but much more features like traps, spinners, teleporters and other such things in their dunjons.

+ Here is the Dungeon Crawler version of Realms of Quest III with its blue dunjons.


Realms of Quest V now has line of sight

Realms of Quest V now has line of sight indoors and above ground. Walls, tall trees and mountains can block your line of sight.

There are a whole lot of little shops and places to visit in the numerous cities and towns. One wine shop in Caer Nelaser sells wine with healing properties for 60 gold. May have to pick up a bottle.

Nethack levels 25+26!

I made it to level 26 in Nethack! Furthest yet.  Lots of water and tough monsters. Have to watch your footing else you might take a stumble down the stairs.

Had to retreat back upstairs to avoid some baddies, and of course I end up getting killed on level 25 by a vampire lord in bat form. Oh well. At least I got this far. This game is seriously tough. Super fun though.