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Realms of Quest III – The adventure’s of Ruby’s party

Realms of Quest III – The adventure’s of Ruby’s party


Realms of Quest III can be tough if you don’t read the manual, so my first recommendation is to firstly, read the manual. And based on the manual, create characters with races that have the highest bonuses for the class that you intend on creating. In general, roll, roll, roll, and re-roll until you got the best of the best stats. It will help you out allot, and is also part of the fun of creating characters.

You will need an assorted crew. Many of your new characters will die early on. So be prepared to create new characters to replace ones that have perished.

Character Creation Guidelines (per my experience)

You will need at least 1 Wizard.

Wizard’s will be very weak early on, but once they train enough levels to obtain the fireball spell, your Wizard will rack up super amounts of experience points on the monsters that they kill. This game is different in that a character gains experience in the monsters that that person kills. Experience points are given to the character that defeats the monster, and not divided up among other players in the party. A Wizard will become one of your most powerful companions.

You will want a tough front line, especially at the start of the game.

I suggest at least 1 Fighter. Initially, your heavy hitters in the front line will rack up the most XP points as they will have the most kills at first. You will want to have 3 fighting style classes. Besides the plain old Fighter, there are Paladin, Monk, or Ranger.

A Paladin (like a knight that can at higher levels cast Priest spells),which will come in handy as additional healer and to cure poison and other such remedies.

A Monk. Monks are limited to using weapons that bash, i.e. not slice and stab.  They have the ability to use magic weapons normally restricted to Wizards, Priests etc. Plus they have the ability to Backstab and be stealthy, as well as being able to kick ass with fists and feet at higher levels.

A Ranger. Can employ some thieving skills (detect/disarm), and eventually be able to cast some Wizard spells starting at level 4. They have no weapon or armor restrictions and their ability to hit will increase as they gain levels.

You really do need a Thief, or else be prepared to suffer the consequences of not having one when traps blow up in your face and decimate or poison your characters. Plus Thieves are good at Backstabbing, but do make sure that your Thief can also use ranged weapons (Sling, Bow). A Sprite Thief will have a great Dexterity and Charisma bonus (great for detecting and disarming traps and also greeting monsters) but unfortunately Sprite’s can-not use ranged weapons.

You will need a Priest to cast healing spells, cure poison and other remedies, and to fight the undead. In my experience, Priests are VERY difficult to level up, as in order to gain experience, you need to make kills, and Priests tend to focus on healing your party rather than killing monsters. Priests need high Wisdom so Gnomes can make the best Priests.

Necromancers are the MOST difficult to level up. If you can get one leveled up high enough, then I praise your commitment to the game and congratulate you in your accomplishment! However if you want an easier path, choose both a Wizard and a Priest. Perhaps it might be better to get a team going with a Wizard and Priest and then bring on an apprentice Necromancer once you have a more sturdy and tough party.

My first party was the following…

1.) Sir Garth (Human Paladin)

2.) Mead (Orc Fighter)

3.) Brute (Ogre Monk)

4.) Green Hat (Gnome Priest)

5.) Ruby (Hobbit Thief)

6.) Twiggy (Elf Wizard)

Green Hat and Ruby died numerous times. I also had initially tried a Necromancer instead of the Priest, however that was even more difficult. I ended up taking on an additional Ogre Fighter in place of the Priest, and that has helped out allot as my team needs to be able to hit hard and have high HP early on as otherwise I often get clobbered if I run into an ambush of 10-12 tough enemies.

My current party is the following…

1.) Crumm (Ogre Fighter)


2.) Mead (Orc Fighter)


3.) Brute (Ogre Monk)


4.) Sir Garth (Human Paladin)


5.) Ruby (Hobbit Thief)


6.) Twiggy (Elf Wizard)


+ a picture of the party at the castle, where lots of mutten and pizza was eaten and beer and liquor was consumed, and a good time was had by all.


Now that my team is accumulating levels and HP, I will soon need to remove one of the fighter classes to make room for a needed Priest. (A re-incarnation of my Green-Hat character)


Ruby’s Adventure’s in the Realms of Quest


Welcome to the RubyGolem, a Realms of Quest Blog! Ruby was a hobbit adventurer and rogue, who eventually learned and practiced magic in addition to thieving skills. These are the stories of Ruby’s adventures in the Realms of Quest and the following posts will detail the experiences of a group of adventurer’s that descend the dungeons in the Realms of Quest from beginning to end.  Descriptions of their adventures and tips on traveling about in these perilous dungeons and throughout the games will be discussed in the following posts. Happy Adventuring!