500 Gold Pieces

A new party in Realms of Quest III will have 500 Gold Pieces to share between party members so spend your money wisely at Bolzaim’s Trading Post. Also keep in mind that resting at the inn costs 5GP, so you may want to keep 5 or 10GP at all times so that you can rest at the inn (i.e. recover lost Hit Point’s + Spell memorizations). Your first purchases at Bolzaim’s should be weapons for your fighting class characters as you will need to inflict as much damage in combat as possible. If you have any Ogre’s in your party, you may want to consider purchasing them Studded Leather Armor (150GP), as it is cheap, and it is the best armor that Ogre’s can use (with the exception of Elfin Chain Mail (at a much higher price of 4000GP).


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