Crumm – Ogre Fighter


Crumm has proved his worth-fullness time and time again. What was I thinking about replacing him rather than Sir Garth (sorry Garth). He has plowed through enemies and proven his worth. On a particularly tough battle we found our first *magical item*! I was so happy with Crumms performance during the battle that I thought it fitting to give him the long sword +5 that we looted from our enemies corpses. Crumm is up to 70 HP now. Additionally, Twiggy has reached level 7 and can cast level 4 spells, however the level 3 spell Fireball has proven quite useful in racking up kills and XP points for her. Greenhat has reached level 3 and now has 25 HP, more than doubling his initial 11 HP.  Brute is level 6 monk and I have removed his Flail. He now fights with fists and hits well. Not much to say about Mead, he fights well as usual and the plate mail given to him from Sir Garth seems to deflect damage fairly well.  And I (Ruby), have since given up my sling (ranged weapon), for a dagger which I can use to backstab to good effect. I might re-equip the sling but only for hitting ranged enemies. The dagger just seems to hit better and plus you can’t backstab with a sling. So a dagger it is and a dagger I use. I might have been wrong to suggest that Sprites were not the best race for theives after all.  Here is a pic of my party as of now.



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