Making way for the Priest

I had originally intended on removing Crumm (my fighter ogre that had initially replaced my Priest), and keeping Sir Garth (my human Paladin), However Crumm has the highest HP in my party and he hits well in battle, and removing him was cause for concern as it would leave Brute at 46HP, Mead at 37HP’s and the remainder of my party at Ruby 23HP, Twiggy 18HP, and however few my new Priest character would have. I made a new save, and tried out a party with a Priest minus Crumm and the whites of my knuckles began to show as my party struggled. I ended up giving the Plate Mail that Sir Garth wore to my orc fighter Mead and bid Sir Garth adeu. Garth was a gallant and fearless companion and was given an award of honor. May Sir Garth’s courageous valor live on in our memories. Sir Garth’s brave deeds are said to be written in the history books in the libraries of the Land of Rivaria. In Sir Garth’s later years it is rumored that he left Riveria for other lands and sold weapons and armor as a shopkeep.


Green Hat will take Sir Garth’s place and will be in charge of healing duties. The gnome priest has 19 for both strength and wisdom plus a decent 17 for constitution with a starting HP of 11. Crumm again leads the party in our quests.

Shortly after leaving the castle, we are assaulted by orcs and sprites. Green Hat fights valiantly against the pretty sprites.



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