Running Realms of Quest III on an emulator

If you don’t have a VIC-20 to run Realms of Quest on, then you will need to run the game through an emulator. If you are running VICE or CCS64 or some other emulator and haven’t set the emulator to use expanded memory you may have encountered a screen like the following.


Realms of Quest III needs 32K RAM expansion. If you see this then you need to make sure to set up your emulator so that it runs with expanded memory. I use VICE emulator, so in VICE…

click Settings>Model Settings>Memory Expansions>Common Configurations>All (blocks 1/2/3/4/5)

While you are at it you probably want to increase screen size. click Settings>VIC Settings>Double Size

To speed up the program in the emulator, you can click Options>Maximum Speed> (Set to however speed you want. Usually I use 200% but speed is up to you).

Make sure to add your disk image – File>Attach Disk Image>Unit 8> (select your disk)

Then when you are ready to start the game, type the following into the emulator command prompt.





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