Molten Lava Burns! + Vice emulator issues


I saw this little alcove leading to purple water so I thought I’d take a swim. My mistake. It’s molten lava! I should have read the no swimming in the lava sign before diving in.

I encountered some issues with saving the game and the Vice emulator was frequently freezing up. I had realized that my last saved game, Greenhat had 40 HP and when I loaded the game up he was back to 30 something. Also my recently found Ring Mail +5 was not equipped and nowhere in sight. I then battled some monsters to a point where I trained one of my characters and saved the game. I then quit the game and restarted but saved game did not reflect the newly trained character but instead my old previous save. The Vice emulator had previously been freezing up quite frequently and now I couldn’t save so I started to really worry.  I started the game again but this time in the terminal so I could see any error messages.

type xvic into the terminal to start

I saw the following…

Sound: Warning – Buffer drained
Warning – Your machine is too slow for current settings!

So I disabled sound.

Sound: Closing device `alsa’

I transfered my save game from the full version to the freeware version. I tried transferring the save game back to the full version but it just wasn’t saving so I deleted my full version and re-downloaded the full version and transfered my save from the freeware version to full version and it is saving OK now. Also since disabling sound I have not had any issues with saving or it freezing up.

So I recommend having a clean backup copy of the game in case your save goes on the fritz, you can then transfer the save to the new copy.

I also had some success with going into VICE settings>sound settings>sample rate>and changing the sample rate from the default 44100Hz to the low 8000Hz. It doesn’t sound as crisp but it at least gives you the music. And so far it hasn’t crashed but will have to keep an eye out on that.

I’m focusing now on trying to train my Priest up enough levels so that he can use Excommunication against the Demons and Demon Brides, although ideally it would be best to have Word of Recall available so i can teleport from the dungeon back to the castle.

Additionally, I found my first Potion. (Giant Strength)



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