Realms of Quest IV dabbling…


I took a short break from playing Realms of Quest III to try out Realms of Quest IV.  There are some definite improvements in the new game. More races and classes to choose from. More spells, more items, more monsters, and also incorporates age, however this one only has the town and dungeon. No overhead/world map. The dungeon are black and white framed like the early Wizardry games instead of the color dungeons of the previous Realms of Quest game. Also the leveling up system is no longer instantaneous and the party will have to rest at the inn to gain levels, however too much resting at the inn will age the party, so this might make for a really tough game. Even more so than the previous.

While it was possible to transfer characters from the freeware version of Realms of Quest III to the full version of Realms of Quest III, there does not seem to be a way to transfer characters from III to IV. I could be wrong but I have not found out how to do so as of this point.

Being that I could not transfer characters, I took it upon myself re-purpose “some” of the pre-generated characters that were available in the Save +1 slot. The remaining characters that I decided not to use, I ended up taking their items and gave them to my newly created characters.

This time, Ruby is also re-incarnated, (while remaining a Hobbit, is now a Sage [Wizard/Priest], rather than a Thief, and features an incredible 25 INT, 21 WIS, 19 DEX, and 23 CHA.)


And Crumm is also re-incarnated here, again as an Ogre Fighter, and now features a whopping 28 STR, 23 DEX, and 39 CON.


Here the new IV party is lead by veteran fighter, Haggrinna.


Also some new and re-purposed characters are shown also. Will be back to III soon.


2 thoughts on “Realms of Quest IV dabbling…

  1. Realms of Quest

    I just found your web page, pretty good stuff! I actually made some recent updates to Realms IV by adding music to it and a splash screen. And Psytronik is going to be publishing the game very soon, hopefully. Game is more or less complete, barring any major bugs that my game testers (or you) might discover.

    Nothing wrong with using the previous save game slot, only problem is that some of the bosses were killed with it, so you might not be able to fight new bosses until you reach the deeper levels.

    If you like, you can email me your D64 image, and I’ll update it with the recent changes for the game and I’ll also reset the quests for your party so that you can fight the boss monsters starting from level 1.


    1. rubygolem Post author

      Hi, Thanks for taking the time to post here. I’ve been very much enjoying your Realms of Quest games and look forward to the official release of IV. I’ll send you an email with my .d64 image and further info. Thanks so much!



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