Realms of Quest IV: The Beginning

After assembling my party, I descended into the dungeon. Using the map contained in the last page of the manual I guided the party towards the nearest marking which I believe is the key, I soon stumbled into my first battle. 9 Gnomes and 6 Skeletons.


My fighter class characters swung their weapons.

One thing I noticed when Twiggy fired off a Magic Missle is that in IV, you can now decide which group of enemies you want to target with your spell. Whereas in III, your spell targeted the nearest enemy. I really like being able to decide which group to target as that will come in handy when the second group may be perhaps a more difficult enemy.

There are also fake walls (or invisible doors in the wall) as I found one approximately 5 spaces South and 9 spaces East of the stairs (to the entrance of the south of the key).


I love low level monsters. There is just something classic about fighting wererats and other such creatures.


Since gaining levels is no longer immediate as it was in III, you will know your character is ready to train when a + appears to the left of your characters name. Additionally, if a * appears before your character, then that character is ready to train 2 levels. You’ll need to rest at the inn in order to train. Characters with a + will gain 1 level after resting. Characters with a * will need to rest twice in order to gain two levels. And the more you rest the more you age so its best to gather as much gold as you can so that you can stay at the finer accommodations.  If you want to only age 1 month per resting you’ll have to chalk up 9000 GP!


Also Cure Poison is now a 4th level Priest spell rather than a 2nd level spell as it was in III.


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