Realms of Quest IV: Time Lord #1

I had apparently been playing an older version of the IV demo and also since I was using some of the sample characters, the in game events had already been triggered by the sample party, so Ghislain was kind to reset my save, and send me the newest version of the game which now features an awesome spash screen…


along with in game music, a larger/wider area view of the dungeon and 10 dungeon levels.

The party descends the depths of the 1st dungeon…

We climb down the ladder and make our way through the eerie dark dungeon. King Lanthorn greets us near the dungeons entrance and presents us with a magical sword to aid us in our quest to slay the time lords.


On each level we need to find a key to unlock the door to the Time Lord’s chambers.  There are also areas of darkness, teleporters and spinners to watch out for.



After finding the yellow key, the party made their way through the darkness and fought their way through the long corridors and pathways when Elvira stopped and pointed to a strange yellow door. Ruby pulls out the yellow key from her robes. “Perhaps this yellow key will unlock the yellow door?”


As the key turns there is small click and the strangely colored yellow door slowly opens as its hinges creek eerily. Crumm mutters something about the door needing some oil. One by one the party proceeds into the inner chambers. A few feet into the chamber, Haggrinna leading the pack, comes face to face with an angry looking Gnoll. As she draws her sword, more Gnolls appear from the darkness along with a large group of Ogres led by a dreaded Time Lord!


Iscreem and Sammy pull their weapons and charge into battle slicing and dicing their way through the hoardes as Twiggy and Ruby chant and prepare their magic spells. The Gnolls and Ogres are fierce and ruthless but eventually fall to the party’s valiant swordsmanship and magic spells. We are now face to face with the last remaining enemy. The evil Time Lord.


He reminds me greatly of the emperor in Return of the Jedi when Luke says “I am a Jedi, like my father before me.” to which the Emperor replies “So be it, Jedi!”

The Time Lord lets out a wail and a flash of light and energy zapps the party in an enormous wave of power. Ruby and Twiggy are both decimated by the Time Lord’s great power and fall to the floor lifelessly.

Elvira sneakily jumps at the Time Lord from behind slashing at the evil lord, but the Time Lord halts time leaving Elvira hanging in mid air where he cruelly knocks her to the floor with a powerful zzapp of energy.

Iscreem lets out a shout of anger and races towards the powerful foe, but the Time Lord is quick and whacks Iscreem with another wave of powerful energy knocking the kobold fighter off the ground, flinging him through the air and crashing into the stone cold wall. As Iscreem lay stunned on the ground, Crumm attacks the Time Lord with the sword given to him by King Lanthorn piercing the Time Lord who in turn gives out a moan and a look of total shock as he collapses onto the floor clutching at his heart as the blood oozes from his body. The party watches as the Time Lord takes his last breath and his eyes go dark as death takes over his aged decrepit body.

The party makes their way back to the castle to the castle to heal and recover.


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