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Gnarshm Text Image


Gnarshm Text Image


Gnarshm’s maps of levels 3+4 -RoQIV

The chirps and sweet melodies of a pair of northern mockingbirds awoke Gnarshm from his sleep. An iron church bell tolled in the distance. Plump fluffy pillows and warm blankets adorned the luxurious bed and as Gnarshm’s feet reached for the floor, the door to his room swung open revealing a woman in black and white attire whose hair shone a bright red with occasional strands of grey, carrying a tray of biscuits and tea.  The woman approached.

“Well good morning. You’ve been sleeping for quite some time. It is good to see that you are finally awake.” the woman said.

“Um. Good morning Miss.” Gnarshm replied, slightly confused as to who she was and why she was here and even where he was.

“Well sit back down, I’m here to bring you your mid-day meal.” the woman said as she set the tray down beside Gnarshm. The biscuits were warm and scrumptious looking and the tea scented of sugar and honey.

The sun shone brightly through an opened set of balcony doors overlooking a peaceful flower adorned garden.

Gnarshm grabbed one of the biscuits and took a bite out of it, hungrily. “Mmmm. These are….delicious.” Gnarshm mumbled as he was eating. “But who are you? and where am I?” he asked.

“I am Esmeralda. You are at the royal suite, and if you need anything, just ring the hand bell at the side of your bed.

“The royal what? Am I the king?” Gnarshm asked as he nursed a bruise on his forehead.

“No of course not silly. You’re a gnoll. Gnolls can’t be king.” Esmeralda replied as she began dusting the furniture in the room.

Gnarshm thought for a moment, but he was still slightly confused. “Then a royal guest of the king then?” he inquired.

“Hmm? What was that?” Esmeralda asked as she went about with her cleaning.

“I’m a royal guest of the king?” Gnarshm replied.

“Oh, well then you’d better not keep the king waiting. It’s past noon-time as it is and I know how much the king enjoys his horseback riding and hunting wild game. Yes he does, and his wines and cheeses. Oh he has quite the wine cellar. My oh my.” Esmeralda’s voice trailed off to the far end of the room. “Remember now, if you need anything, just ring the bell. Have a good day sir.” And with that she left the room.

Gnarshm gobbled down the rest of the biscuits and proceeded to sip his tea, when he began to worry. “I’d better get up and get ready. I don’t want to be late for the king. Gnarshm’s mind raced with images of riders galloping on horses and the jolly laughter of royals enjoying their wines and cheeses as he rose from his bed. His bones and muscles were terribly sore and his head ached as he put on his tunic and trousers. He glanced onto the garden from the balcony for a moment, then his eyes caught glimpse of a book that was laying on an end table. “Hmm. This book looks…..familiar.” Gnarshm said as he began to flip through the pages.

Level 3


Level 4


As he was perusing through the book, the door to the room swung open and in came a slender looking elf and a lug of an ogre that barely squeezed through the doorway.

“Gnarshm, it’s so good to see you alive again.” the elf said cheerfully.

The ogre also grunted happily.

“Ruby and the others have already begun their descent so now that you are better, we can join them. Bring your book. We’ll be needing that too.” the elf continued.

“Oh you must be here to bring me to see the king aren’t you? Are we to go horseback riding and hunting today? That sounds like allot of fun. But a tour of the royal wine cellar would be nice too.” Gnarshm said.

“Horseback riding? What are you talking about?” We’re here to bring you back down to the dungeon so we can hunt down the evil time lords.” the elf replied.

“The DUNGEON?! Evil Time Lords?! That sounds absolutely dreadful! What did I do to deserve this? Who are you people! Why has he sent you to bring me to the dungeon!? I thought the king was supposed to be benevolent and kind. No I don’t want to go to the dungeons. I won’t go! No way!” Gnarshm shouted.

“What’s gotten into you? Don’t you recognize us? It’s Twiggy and Crumm. We’re your buddies. And besides, it was your idea to go to the dungeon in the first place. You wanted to go.” Twiggy stated.

“Wanted to go to the dungeons?!” Why in the realms would anyone WANT to go to the dungeons?! and I don’t remember either of you.” -Gnarshm replied.

Twiggy looked at Crumm with a surprised look, not quite knowing what to do or say.

“Too many blows to the head.” Crumm surmised.

“What are we going to do?” Twiggy asked.

“I’ll tell you what we’re not going to do. We’re NOT going down to the dungeon!” Gnarshm stated angrily.

“Alright, we don’t have to go to the dungeon. How about…um…I know! We can go tour the royal wine cellars like you said. You’ll really love it. There’s all kinds of different wines down there. Red and white, sweet and dry. Some really vintage stuff.” Twiggy suggested.

“Really?” Gnarshm asked.

“Yes, really.” Twiggy replied.

Crumm nodded his head to concur.

“OK. Let’s go. So where is the royal wine cellar anyway?” Gnarshm inquired.

“In the dungeon.” Crumm blurted out.

“What?! You, you’re just trying to trick me, but I won’t have any of it. I’m not going down to the dungeons and that’s final.” Gnarshm said.

Twiggy smacked the ogre for his utter stupidity. “You half-witted imbecile! Now look what you’ve done! How can I accomplish such a simple task when I have only a brainless oaf such as yourself to work with.”

“Sorry. I was just trying to help.” Crumm frowned.

Twiggy took out a small vial and a cloth from her purse. She emptied the vial onto the cloth. “I’m sorry Gnarshm, but now I have no other choice.” She leaped at the gnoll and held the cloth to his face. After a bit of struggling,  Gnarshm fell to the floor unconscious.

“Well, that vial worked pretty well didn’t it?” Twiggy stated. She turned to Crumm. “You carry Gnarshm. I’ll get the book.”

Time Lord #3 -RoQIV

With the green key in hand, the party made their way back to the emerald door with weapons drawn and spells prepared. Elvira inserted the key with a click and slowly pushed open the door.


A thick hazy mist clouded the room making it difficult to see. The room was filled with arched stone columns that held a marbled ceiling in place. While making his way past each set of columns, Gnarshm bumped into what appeared to be a man carved from stone with an expression of horror on his face.  “How odd. Why would anyone design such a frightening looking statue. ” Gnarshm pondered.

“I found another statue over here. This one is of an elf.” Twiggy said. It also had shocked or scared facial expression. “I guess this is what goes for art these days.”

A thought of impending doom swept through Greenhat’s mind. The foggy mist made it difficult to see but he was able to catch a glimpse of a reptilian creature as it scooted along the ground in the distance beyond the elven statue. “These aren’t works of art! They are the works of a basilisk! Take cover! Don’t look at it’s eyes, it will turn you to stone!” Greenhat shouted.

Sammy, Iscreem and Ruby took cover behind a large column.


The lizard let out a menacing hiss.

Crumm passed between columns almost bumping into yet another stone statue; this one of a dwarf that had been caught in a running pose. “Where is it? ” the ogre warrior asked. “I can hear it, but I can’t see it.”

“Keep your eyes shut you fool! If it turns you to stone it’d take an army to haul you back to the castle!” Greenhat ordered, as he pulled out a pouch from under his tunic and emptied its contents. An assortment of rings, dice and gems fell to the stone floor along with a small silver cross. The gnome picked up a fiery looking gemstone and held it tightly in his hands and began the proper incantation. His hands began to warm as he continued his spell.

The hiss of the vile lizard grew louder and louder still.

With each chant, his hands felt the increased heat as they began to burn until he could no longer hold the gemstone any longer. With his last chant he stood up and turned and threw the gemstone towards the hiss of the basilisk. The gem shattered upon hitting the stone floor and erupted into a fiery inferno scorching the wretched beast.  The reptilian let out a violent roar as the flames burned its scaly flesh. It walked a few feet in pain and slumped to the ground.

The green hatted gnome motioned to Iscreem, who lept into action. “Finish the beast!”

Iscreem’s blade pierced the body of the charred basilisk as it squirmed in it’s last death throes. “It is done.” the kobold announced.

Suddenly, a monstrous growl echoed throughout the room. Then a wicked voice followed. “Who are you to intrude in my domain and murder my lovely pet! Show yourselves and come forward.” the voice boomed through the heavy mist.

Iscreem pulled his blade out from the basilisk’s carcass. The kobold pointed the blade which was now dripping red with blood, towards the menacing voice. Greenhat and crew followed quickly behind.

As the party continued forward, the mist began to clear revealing a pack of displacer beasts guarding the third Time Lord. Their fangs were sharp and their tentacles thrashed about in whip-like forms.


The Time Lord unleashed his beasts on the party in an angry fury. The raging beasts pounce ferociously. One charges at Gnarshm, but the gnoll holds his weapon steady and lands a deadly blow to the beast.


Iscreem and Sammy rush to formation and beat back the evil beasts. Crumm swings his blade mightily and slices the last of the beasts in half.

The Time Lord lunged forward with a surge of power. “The time has come for you to pay the piper!” the Time Lord screams as he pummels Gnarshm to the ground.


“NOoo!” Elvira yells out as she lunges at the Time Lord, but the evil mage easily brushes off the feeble attempt at backstabbing.

Crumm takes an incredible swing at the mage knocking the evil Time Lord down but if only momentarily. The mage quickly regained his footing and slammed Crumm into the wall. “I will not go down so easily!” the Time Lord remarked, but as the evil mage turned around, Twiggy and Ruby let out a dual blast of fire onto the evil lord disintegrating him into ash.


The party let out a sigh of relief in unison and with the third Time Lord defeated, the party glanced around the room for a moment. Greenhat walked slowly towards the dead peasant’s body. “Poor Gnarshm. He faught so valiantly. Crumm, help me carry his body back to the temple.” the gnome said sadly.

On the other side of the room, Elvira opened a gold plated chest uncovering an incredible pile of gold.


The party carried Gnarshm’s body back to the temple, along with the encumbering chest of gold. The priest at the temple recognized Gnarshm. “Hey, this is the gnoll that you brought to us a few months back isn’t he? What, he went off and got himself killed again has he? Well not to worry, we’ll fix him up.” the priest remarked as he gave out a bit of a cough. “You do have the necessary funds I assume?” the priest inquired with his hands held in anticipation of the required gold.


After the resurrection at the temple, Crumm carried Gnarshm back to the inn, but not to the fancy lodge that had been their usual room. The party decided to splurge some of their profits and spend a month at the Royal Suite which was equipped with the most luxurious accommodations in all of Rivaria. Located on the top floor of the inn, a balcony overlooked the castle’s royal garden. Gnarshm would have the finest room to recover from his ‘ongoing affliction’.


Ring of Worlds -RoQIV

Gnarshm awoke on a comfortable bed in the inn with a splitting headache.  His vision a bit blurry, eventually came into focus revealing a rough sketchy looking beady eyed kobold and a hulk of an ogre towering over him which had suprised Gnarshm’s already rattled nerves until he realized it was just his fellow adventurers Iscreem and Crumm.

Gnarshm managed to pull a few words from out of his sore throat. “What…what happened?” the tired gnoll asked.

“You died.” Crumm responded bluntly.

“Yeah, you went Ka-SPLAT! Blood and guts everywhere! It was a massacre!” Iscreem put shockingly.

“It certainly wasn’t pretty. We had to pool quite the sum of gold for the healers at the temple to bring you back. You and Twiggy both.”  Ruby stated from the other side of the room.

Twiggy had awoken hours earlier and was seated on a soft velvety chair which Iscreem had annoyingly punctured quite a few holes into with his blade some months prior. Suffice to say the innkeeper was none too pleased and had decided to put the cost of repairing the chair onto the party’s tab.

The wooden door to the room swung open revealing the old green hatted gnome. “Ah, I see you are now both alive and awake. Soon we will be ready to again descend the perilous dungeon. There are many passages to traverse before we can reach the stairs to the third level.” Greenhat stated.

“Hey, look at this!” The elven rogue Elvira had snatched Gnarshm’s book of maps while the gnoll was unconscious, had been studying the route to the third level quite extensively and made an interesting discovery.

“I think I found a shortcut! There is an alternate set of stairs on each level, and if we take the northeastern set of stairs from level one, past the secret door on the second level, we can get to level 3 in no time! We could even get to level 4 this way as well. There are parts and sections of these maps that are incomplete, but from what I can piece together, this route makes for a much better route of travel than the way we went last time! Elvira exclaimed.

The party gathered around Gnarshm’s book of cartography to view the alternate route.  When Gnarshm and Twiggy had fully recovered, the party began the descent.

Some hours later… the party arrives at the third level via the alternate route. Cold grey cobblestone walls line corridors to the west and south.  Crumm leads the party along the westward passage, when he begins to slow his pace. “It’s dead quiet. Something feels wrong.” the ogre grumbles.

“Get moving you big brute, your holding up the line.” Iscreem pushed.

“Wait, I feel it too. There is some sinister magic afoot here.” Greenhat warned.

Suddenly a gust of wind blew through the passage swirling in extreme velocity around the party, kicking up dust in a whirlwind. The violent wind rocked the passage in a thunderous wave and then with a flash of light, it was gone. The noise subsided and the party regained their footing, only to find that they were no longer in the cobblestone corridor, but in a small damp and moldy passage that went from south to east to north and then back to the west. In the center of the southern passage was a large door made with emeralds, which the elven rogue immediately began to attempt to pry off some of the gemstones with the tip of her dagger. The door was locked, and similar in style and shape of the first two lairs of the Time Lords.

“This must be where the Time Lord is lurking, but the door is locked.” Elvira proceeded to insert the blue key, and then the yellow key, but neither of them fit.

“Everyone pan out and look around for a green key.” Iscreem ordered.

Sammy looked around worriedly. “Uh, has anyone else noticed that besides the door being locked and us not having the key, that there doesn’t seem to be any way out of this area either?”

“We’re stuck?!” Ruby exclaimed.

Gnarshm looked through his map but found no clues as to how they would exit.

Panick began to set in Crumm’s mind as he began pounding as hard as he could on the emerald door. “LET US OUT! LET US OUT!” the ogre yelled.

Iscreem joined the ogre in the noise. “No. LET US IN! LET US IN!” The kobold fighter pulled out an axe and began hacking at the door.

Elvira began racing around the looping passage desperately looking for a way out but finding none.

“Stop it! All of you! I need you all to be quiet right now!” Twiggy pulled a scroll containing ancient runes from her bag and began to read aloud and chant. A bright red fire en-flared and disintegrated the scroll turning it to a fine dust that quickly dropped to the floor. The elven mage quickly scooped up the dust and blew the particles into the air, which began to take the shape of an eerily floating bloodshot eye that scanned the passages from left to right. The party watched as the eye moved about scanning everyone and anything in its sight. As it moved towards Iscreem, the kobold took a swat at it but the eye was too quick to be hit. “No! Leave it alone Iscreem!”. Twiggy warned. The eye continued its search until it came to the southwestern wall where it just floated for a minute or two, staring intensely at the wall. Then suddenly it exploded, spraying a red murky gelatinous substance onto the wall.

“Eww. What is it? Is it supposed to explode like that?” Elvira poked at the sliming oozing substance as it slowly drizzled down the wall dropping into a muddy puddle on the dirt floor. The wall then crumbled before the group, revealing a way out.

The party twisted and turned through numerous passages until they reached an unlocked door. One by one they continued on to yet another set of corridors. Sammy muttered something about feeling dizzy.

“It’s just all this mold and grime that’s in these passages.” Ruby suggested.

“Shake it off. We’ve got to find that blasted key.” Iscreem said.

“Hey, what’s that up ahead?” Crumm asked.

“What? I don’t see anything.” Sammy replied.

Iscreem stared ahead. “Wait. I can see something moving around up there.” Iscreem crept further ahead to get a better view. “I see it. It’s some kind of greenish jelly goo. I don’t think it…..YEAAARGH!” Iscreem yelped as the green jelly leaped off the ground and onto the kobold’s plate mail sizzling the armor as the acid quickly began dissolving the metal.

The acid was burning Iscreem’s flesh by the time Greenhat was able to get the kobold’s armor off. The gnome discarded the spent armor on the ground below. Ruby cast her Icestorm spell on the green jelly to eliminate the acidic threat. The party continued on past an intersection with Iscreem moving at a bit slower pace due to the painful acid burns. They made another turn westward but hadn’t gone much further when Greenhat saw a familiar sight in front of him; the discarded acidic burned armor that the gnome had peeled off of Iscreem’s burning skin.

“The maze is playing tricks on us. I think it’s spinning us in circles.” Greenhat stated.

“My map doesn’t cover this part of the dungeon.” Gnarshm replied.

Twiggy pulled out another of her scrolls.

“Oh no you don’t!” Ruby interrupted. “You’ll make a mess of things. Let me do it. I’ll show you how it’s done.” Ruby grabbed the scroll from Twiggy’s hands, and began to read the arcane runes aloud. The scroll again burned up in red flames disintegrating into dust on the floor. Ruby scooped up the dust and blew it into the air, generating an even better developed crimson colored bloodshot eye that proceeded to scan the area similar to Twiggy’s eye. The eye panned from left to right stopping again slightly to give Iscreem a slightly evil eyed stare, but this time Iscreem wasn’t in the mood to attempt to swat it back. The eye moved on to the eastern wall and stared intently in the same way that Twiggy’s apparition had done previously, although after a few minutes the eye was still formed and did not explode.

“See? That is how you summon the wizard’s eye.” Ruby pushed open the secret door revealing another smaller corridor full of doors. As Ruby passed through the secret passage, she held her hand palm up, and the eye slowly retracted towards the mage.

“You must learn control like I have done. Only then will you have mastered the spell.” Ruby then attempted to spin the eye on her finger, but in her attempt to show off, the eye burst, splatting red gelatinous ooze in an epic explosion, mostly hitting Greenhat in the face with the slop.  Twiggy and Ruby began laughing hysterically.

Greenhat began wiping off the red ooze in disgust. “Really, the both of you need to study your spells more carefully!” the gnome said as he stormed off.

Crumm and Sammy opened a door along the inner corridor and a bright light shone upon the party. An apparition appeared before the group and was somehow aware of their plight to locate the key to the emerald door and of their quest to battle the evil time lords.


The ghost was a kindred spirit and offered the party a gift. The apparition spoke. “Take this Ring of Worlds. It bestows the ability of teleportation and will aid you in your travels throughout these wretched winding dungeons. Use it wisely.” The ghost then disappeared.

Gnarshm proceeded to map the rest of the dungeon passages as the party traversed but was slightly puzzled when they again stumbled upon the same staircase that they had originally descended from. “This can’t be good. I’ve mapped this whole area and we still haven’t found the green key.

“Don’t tell me we have to use the main stairs. It will take forever. There must be another way.” Elvira said.

“Looks like we should not have taken this “shortcut” after all.” Sammy exclaimed.

“Perhaps we should use the magic ring?” Twiggy inquired as she slipped the ring onto one of her slender fingers. The wind began to roar and spin throughout the passage kicking up dust into the air and with another flash of light the party was teleported to yet another passage.


The group stumbled through an area of darkness reaching what appeared to be a dead end, but what the party found there was truly a magnificent sight.


The Time Lord’s emerald green key.

The Catoblepas -RoQIV

While mapping out level 3, Gnarshm said he often stumbled upon a creature called a Catoblepas. He had showed me a picture he drew of the wretched creature.


Although I viewed the picture he drew, I still wasn’t quite sure what it was until I searched the arcane library.  A dusty old book at the Rivaria arcane library gave the following description…

“It is said to have the body of a buffalo and the head of a wild boar. Its back has scales that protect the beast, and its head is always pointing downwards due to its head being heavy. Its stare or breath could either turn people into stone, or kill them.”

It also gave an image of…


Now I understand better what he had said. We wait patiently while Gnarshm’s resurrection occurs.


Time Lord #2 – RoQIV

With the blue key in hand, the party made their way to the western passage. The tunnel split in two directions. One to the north, and the other to the south. Greenhat suggested that the party split up to cover more ground in half the time. Iscreem agreed.

“OK. Listen up peoples. I wants Twiggy, Elvira and Crumm to go with Greenhat down the north passage. Sammy, Gnarshm and Ruby, you gets to come with me. Sammy, you takes the lead.” Iscreem ordered.

The party divided and Sammy led the way south, sword in hand. The passage veered westward and portrayed a long succession of doors along the south side.

Sammy kicked in the first door, which swung open revealing a musty dust laden room. Bugs and creepy crawlers scatter upon Sammy’s entrance. “This room is clear. Let’s move on to the next one.” Sammy said.

The next few rooms held nothing of interest. Gnarshm had gone a few paces further down the passage and gleefully pointed the room to Iscreem.  “I think I found something over here!” Gnarshm whispered. A light was emanating from inside one of the rooms which door was cracked open slightly. Iscreem motioned to Sammy to kick the door down with a sleight of the hand.

The boom of Sammy’s boot hitting the door forcefully swung it open revealing a brightly lit room complete with some bookshelves and a desk behind which an elegant lady stood behind, a bit taken aback at the elf, kobold, gnoll and hobbit that had so abruptly stormed into her quiet comfortable library.

“What is the meaning of this!” the lady shouted.

Sammy didn’t quite know what to say and certainly wasn’t expecting a lady of possible nobility to be out and about in these dark dungeons.

Iscreem’s initial instinct was to draw his weapon which he had done in a matter of a split second.

Ruby who had realized the noble lady was no threat, knocked Iscreem upside the head before the kobold fighter made any attempt to mistakenly attack the noble looking lady.

“Pardon us madame, but we are merely adventurer’s on a quest seeking to put a stop to the time lord’s evil control over the land of Rivaria.” Gnarshm had eloquently put.

The lady stared at the awkward looking gnoll for a moment or two before replying. “Step forward Gnoll. Who sent you on this quest? and who do you serve?” the lady demanded.

Unsure of himself, Gnarshm swallowed and bravely took a step forward to confront the imposing woman. “My friend Haggrinna sent me on the quest but we serve our King Lanthorn.” Gnarshm responded.

“Well if King Lanthorn sent you then I guess you’re alright. I am the lady Mirrenwen, and you’ve got quite the job to do if you are to defeat the time lords. Maybe this weapon might help you in your quest.” Mirrenwen suggested.


Gnarshm took the dagger in hand. It had a tinge of a magical green glow about it, and was certainly of better quality make than his measly wooden club.  Gnarshm thanked the lady Mirrenwen and looked at the dagger in awe for a few moments. He certainly felt like he was becoming a real adventurer now. The lady Mirrenwen offered the party luck and sent them on their way. Sammy and Ruby searched the last remaining rooms along the corridors south wall but found nothing of interest so Iscreem led the way back to see what Greenhat’s team discovered along the north passage.

A short while later, Ruby could make out the light blue glow of Greenhat’s mystical torch. The green hatter and his crew approached Iscreem’s group. “How goes the search? Did you find anything?” Greenhat asked.

Gnarshm eagerly told him about the Lady Mirrenwen and showed the green hatted gnome the dagger that she had given.

“So what did you find along the northern route?” Gnarshm asked.

“Nothing. It was a dead end.” Crumm boomed.

“Uh-oh. Are you sure? You didn’t find anything?” Gnarshm asked as he flipped through his book of maps worriedly.

“Yep. Sure as can be. Just a corridor with some empty rooms. It didn’t lead to anywhere. I’m positive.” Greenhat stated.

“No. This just can’t be right. We’ve mapped the entire area and there is nothing but dead ends, spinners and pits, and to top it all off, we are right back where we started. Look over there to the east. There is the ladder that leads back up to the first level!” -Gnarshm exclaimed.

“Well just great. Are you sure you mapped this place correctly? Let me see the map!” Iscreem demanded.

“Hey you guys! Look over here. I think I found something!” Elvira shouted.

Greenhat walked with his blue lit torch, over to where the shadowy elf was standing. “What is it?” the gnome inquired.

Elvira was moving her slender elven hands along a crease in the wall from side to side, then up to down. “There seems to be an outline of a door here. It’s very faint but I think I can…..”

Suddenly, the wall began to move and the rumble of the granite surface rolling across the stone floor probably woke the dead.

Elvira stepped through the secret door’s entrance and on to the other side motioning the rest of the party to follow.  Gnarshm made note of the secret doors location on the map.

Crumm takes the lead and brings the party down a long corridor which turned back northward then westward then back towards the south, when suddenly the torch that Greenhat was using had flickered out. Darkness!!

The party made their way blindly by following the walls through each nook and crevice, until they reached a breaching of the darkness that permeated these foul halls and mazes.


The party arrives in a brightly light maze of hallways and treads carefully throughout the labyrinth making turns of left and right and left and right again, sometimes backtracking to regain ground and continue on cautiously until reaching a set of doors, one to the north and one to the south. The southern door looked no different than any other doors in this wretched dungeon, however the northern door had a blue tinge to it.

Elvira approached the blue hued door. “I think beyond this door must be the time lord’s lair. Give me the blue key!” Elvira demanded.

Ruby gave Elvira the key.


The key clicked upon turning and Elvira made her way into the room. The party follows cautiously. Further in, dark figures can be seen moving in the shadows.


The second time lord appears as do his minions.


The Time Lord and his minions waste no time in attacking the party. One of the nine Siren’s cast their exotic beauty upon the green hatter gnome. Greenhat is paralyzed and under control of the beauteous Sirens!


Sammy and Gnarshm also quickly fall victim to the Siren’s lust and become incapacitated.

Ruby wastes no time casting her Icestorm spell, decimating the luscious Sirens into a frozen oblivion.

Twiggy finally casts her Fireball decimating the Lamia’s into a screaming hell.

The Time Lord turns in anger at the defeat of his beautiful sirens and capable lamias, boiling all his power into a ball of electric fire that he threw at Twiggy. Twiggy’s screams were unbearable and horrifying. Her dead body dropped like a fly saturated with way too much alcohol.

The Time Lord wasn’t finished. His anger raged purple as he threw his most potent spell against the ever so eager adventurer Gnarshm which dropped his body quicker than being hit with Mangar’s Mind Mallet.

At the sight of seeing Gnarshm’s and Twiggy’s perilous end, Crumm raged in anger and swung his sword with all his might, but even the brute ogre was no match for the wretched Time Lord, who flung Crumm’s massive body away with a flick of his evil rotting fingers.

Iscreem lunged at the Time Lord, but the evil master was too quick for the kobold warrior, knocking Iscreem to the floor and flinging the kobold’s weapon across the room.

Iscreem wasn’t finished though. He quickly grabbed the dagger that Lady Mirrenwen had given Gnarshm and struck back with all his might.

“YeeaaAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!” Iscreem yelled with all his might as he struck the Time Lord deep in the belly with the magical dagger.

The Time Lord whimpered and fell back onto the cold stone floor.


At last, the party has defeated the second Time Lord.

Ruby walked over to Gnarshm’s broken body. “Poor Gnarshm. He wanted so much to be a part of taking down the Time Lord, but alas he did not survive. We will have to bring him back to the temple and resurrect him.” Ruby solemnly stated.

Sammy picked up her fallen elven comrade.

The party made their way back to the castle to resurrect and revive the fallen heroes…….

The Blue Key – RoQIV

With Haggrinna gone and Gnarshm now in tow, the party made their way through the dungeon’s first level, until reaching a hole in the stone floor with a rope ladder that lowered into the second levels cold and mysterious passages.

Iscreem peered through the hole to the unknown beyond. “It looks dark and creepy down there.” The kobold warrior glanced over to the gnome with the greenish looking hat that was standing next to him. Iscreem snarled. “You go first!”


“Very well.” Greenhat muttered. The gnome pulled a pouch containing magical powder from his belt, spoke some words of incantation and threw the powder into the air in front of him. A torch lit with a blue haze materialized from the magic powder and planted itself into Greenhat’s hand. The gnome hatter then tossed the torch down the hole and grabbed onto the ladder and lowered himself into the level below. Iscreem followed as did the rest of the adventuring crew.

The ladder dropped the party into a square stone room with four exits, north, south, east and west. Ruby motioned to Gnarshm who was flipping through the pages of his book. “Gnarshm, where do you suggest we go?”


Gnarshm held his book close to the blue light of Greenhat’s mystical torch. “Well, the last time I had been down here I had gone north, but it’s just spinners and dead ends there, and the east drops off in a pit, so I suggest that we either go south or westward.”

Crumm’s loud footsteps could be heard marching towards the southern passage.

Greenhat pointed his torch towards Crumm’s direction. “South it is then.”

The party crept onwards through a spiraling hallway until Elvira and Sammy nearly crashed into Crumm as he had stopped dead in his tracks. Elvira knew something was wrong when she saw the frightened look on Crumm’s face, as she had never known Crumm to be scared of anything or anybody. “Crumm, What’s wrong?”

“SHhh!” Crumm hushed Elvira. “Listen! You hear that?”

The party remained motionless and silent. A steady heavy breathing was heard getting louder and louder, but it was not the brute Ogre that was breathing laboriously. The breathing got steadily louder and louder and louder. Suddenly, the breathing erupted into an enormous wave of fire that shot through the hallways narrow passage scorching Crumm and the rest of the front line with burning hot streams of fire.  Crumm’s enormous voice boomed in agony at the searing fire that all but disintegrated his leather armor. The light of the burning breath had shown Crumm that the party was not alone in the passage and that they were impending on territory of not one but 8 Pseudodragons. Crumm turned around and high tailed it backwards at a high pace nearly knocking Elvira and Greenhat to the ground on his way out.

“Crumm! Where are you going?!” Iscreem shouted, as a fear crept across the kobold warrior’s face as another wave of fire rocketed through the passage again scorching the party.


This time Iscreem and Sammy took the brunt of the heat, as Ruby was heard chanting a spell over and over and over. Her voice steadily increasing with each chant until the passage began to turn cold. Very cold. The walls of the passage began to crystalize and then a wave of icy cold flashed forward knocking the Pseudodragons to the floor in painful icy agony. Some of them freezing on the spot and others writhing in an icy froth.

Elvira, Greenhat, and Gnarshm raced forward slashing and bashing the beasts in a killing effort to stop them from ever recovering and attacking the party again, as Twiggy sent a shocking bolt of lightning, zapping the last struggling Pseudodragon into a slumping heap onto the now icy cold floor.

As the party recovered, Iscreem looked around wondering where Crumm went. “I think those beasts really scared that brute. I’d better go and find him. Continue on and I’ll catch up.” the kobold motioned.

Sammy took the party forward through a zig-zag hallway until they came upon an old copper box that was left on the floor at the end of the hall. “Elvira, get over here. There might be a trap.”

Elvira cautiously moved forward and about and put her hand onto the copper box. “It doesn’t look trapped. No mechanical devices or tripwires. I think it’s safe to open.” Elvira clicked open the box revealing a key made from what appears to be sapphire. “I think we have found another one of the Time Lord’s keys.” she said.