The Blue Key – RoQIV

With Haggrinna gone and Gnarshm now in tow, the party made their way through the dungeon’s first level, until reaching a hole in the stone floor with a rope ladder that lowered into the second levels cold and mysterious passages.

Iscreem peered through the hole to the unknown beyond. “It looks dark and creepy down there.” The kobold warrior glanced over to the gnome with the greenish looking hat that was standing next to him. Iscreem snarled. “You go first!”


“Very well.” Greenhat muttered. The gnome pulled a pouch containing magical powder from his belt, spoke some words of incantation and threw the powder into the air in front of him. A torch lit with a blue haze materialized from the magic powder and planted itself into Greenhat’s hand. The gnome hatter then tossed the torch down the hole and grabbed onto the ladder and lowered himself into the level below. Iscreem followed as did the rest of the adventuring crew.

The ladder dropped the party into a square stone room with four exits, north, south, east and west. Ruby motioned to Gnarshm who was flipping through the pages of his book. “Gnarshm, where do you suggest we go?”


Gnarshm held his book close to the blue light of Greenhat’s mystical torch. “Well, the last time I had been down here I had gone north, but it’s just spinners and dead ends there, and the east drops off in a pit, so I suggest that we either go south or westward.”

Crumm’s loud footsteps could be heard marching towards the southern passage.

Greenhat pointed his torch towards Crumm’s direction. “South it is then.”

The party crept onwards through a spiraling hallway until Elvira and Sammy nearly crashed into Crumm as he had stopped dead in his tracks. Elvira knew something was wrong when she saw the frightened look on Crumm’s face, as she had never known Crumm to be scared of anything or anybody. “Crumm, What’s wrong?”

“SHhh!” Crumm hushed Elvira. “Listen! You hear that?”

The party remained motionless and silent. A steady heavy breathing was heard getting louder and louder, but it was not the brute Ogre that was breathing laboriously. The breathing got steadily louder and louder and louder. Suddenly, the breathing erupted into an enormous wave of fire that shot through the hallways narrow passage scorching Crumm and the rest of the front line with burning hot streams of fire.  Crumm’s enormous voice boomed in agony at the searing fire that all but disintegrated his leather armor. The light of the burning breath had shown Crumm that the party was not alone in the passage and that they were impending on territory of not one but 8 Pseudodragons. Crumm turned around and high tailed it backwards at a high pace nearly knocking Elvira and Greenhat to the ground on his way out.

“Crumm! Where are you going?!” Iscreem shouted, as a fear crept across the kobold warrior’s face as another wave of fire rocketed through the passage again scorching the party.


This time Iscreem and Sammy took the brunt of the heat, as Ruby was heard chanting a spell over and over and over. Her voice steadily increasing with each chant until the passage began to turn cold. Very cold. The walls of the passage began to crystalize and then a wave of icy cold flashed forward knocking the Pseudodragons to the floor in painful icy agony. Some of them freezing on the spot and others writhing in an icy froth.

Elvira, Greenhat, and Gnarshm raced forward slashing and bashing the beasts in a killing effort to stop them from ever recovering and attacking the party again, as Twiggy sent a shocking bolt of lightning, zapping the last struggling Pseudodragon into a slumping heap onto the now icy cold floor.

As the party recovered, Iscreem looked around wondering where Crumm went. “I think those beasts really scared that brute. I’d better go and find him. Continue on and I’ll catch up.” the kobold motioned.

Sammy took the party forward through a zig-zag hallway until they came upon an old copper box that was left on the floor at the end of the hall. “Elvira, get over here. There might be a trap.”

Elvira cautiously moved forward and about and put her hand onto the copper box. “It doesn’t look trapped. No mechanical devices or tripwires. I think it’s safe to open.” Elvira clicked open the box revealing a key made from what appears to be sapphire. “I think we have found another one of the Time Lord’s keys.” she said.



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