Time Lord #2 – RoQIV

With the blue key in hand, the party made their way to the western passage. The tunnel split in two directions. One to the north, and the other to the south. Greenhat suggested that the party split up to cover more ground in half the time. Iscreem agreed.

“OK. Listen up peoples. I wants Twiggy, Elvira and Crumm to go with Greenhat down the north passage. Sammy, Gnarshm and Ruby, you gets to come with me. Sammy, you takes the lead.” Iscreem ordered.

The party divided and Sammy led the way south, sword in hand. The passage veered westward and portrayed a long succession of doors along the south side.

Sammy kicked in the first door, which swung open revealing a musty dust laden room. Bugs and creepy crawlers scatter upon Sammy’s entrance. “This room is clear. Let’s move on to the next one.” Sammy said.

The next few rooms held nothing of interest. Gnarshm had gone a few paces further down the passage and gleefully pointed the room to Iscreem.  “I think I found something over here!” Gnarshm whispered. A light was emanating from inside one of the rooms which door was cracked open slightly. Iscreem motioned to Sammy to kick the door down with a sleight of the hand.

The boom of Sammy’s boot hitting the door forcefully swung it open revealing a brightly lit room complete with some bookshelves and a desk behind which an elegant lady stood behind, a bit taken aback at the elf, kobold, gnoll and hobbit that had so abruptly stormed into her quiet comfortable library.

“What is the meaning of this!” the lady shouted.

Sammy didn’t quite know what to say and certainly wasn’t expecting a lady of possible nobility to be out and about in these dark dungeons.

Iscreem’s initial instinct was to draw his weapon which he had done in a matter of a split second.

Ruby who had realized the noble lady was no threat, knocked Iscreem upside the head before the kobold fighter made any attempt to mistakenly attack the noble looking lady.

“Pardon us madame, but we are merely adventurer’s on a quest seeking to put a stop to the time lord’s evil control over the land of Rivaria.” Gnarshm had eloquently put.

The lady stared at the awkward looking gnoll for a moment or two before replying. “Step forward Gnoll. Who sent you on this quest? and who do you serve?” the lady demanded.

Unsure of himself, Gnarshm swallowed and bravely took a step forward to confront the imposing woman. “My friend Haggrinna sent me on the quest but we serve our King Lanthorn.” Gnarshm responded.

“Well if King Lanthorn sent you then I guess you’re alright. I am the lady Mirrenwen, and you’ve got quite the job to do if you are to defeat the time lords. Maybe this weapon might help you in your quest.” Mirrenwen suggested.


Gnarshm took the dagger in hand. It had a tinge of a magical green glow about it, and was certainly of better quality make than his measly wooden club.  Gnarshm thanked the lady Mirrenwen and looked at the dagger in awe for a few moments. He certainly felt like he was becoming a real adventurer now. The lady Mirrenwen offered the party luck and sent them on their way. Sammy and Ruby searched the last remaining rooms along the corridors south wall but found nothing of interest so Iscreem led the way back to see what Greenhat’s team discovered along the north passage.

A short while later, Ruby could make out the light blue glow of Greenhat’s mystical torch. The green hatter and his crew approached Iscreem’s group. “How goes the search? Did you find anything?” Greenhat asked.

Gnarshm eagerly told him about the Lady Mirrenwen and showed the green hatted gnome the dagger that she had given.

“So what did you find along the northern route?” Gnarshm asked.

“Nothing. It was a dead end.” Crumm boomed.

“Uh-oh. Are you sure? You didn’t find anything?” Gnarshm asked as he flipped through his book of maps worriedly.

“Yep. Sure as can be. Just a corridor with some empty rooms. It didn’t lead to anywhere. I’m positive.” Greenhat stated.

“No. This just can’t be right. We’ve mapped the entire area and there is nothing but dead ends, spinners and pits, and to top it all off, we are right back where we started. Look over there to the east. There is the ladder that leads back up to the first level!” -Gnarshm exclaimed.

“Well just great. Are you sure you mapped this place correctly? Let me see the map!” Iscreem demanded.

“Hey you guys! Look over here. I think I found something!” Elvira shouted.

Greenhat walked with his blue lit torch, over to where the shadowy elf was standing. “What is it?” the gnome inquired.

Elvira was moving her slender elven hands along a crease in the wall from side to side, then up to down. “There seems to be an outline of a door here. It’s very faint but I think I can…..”

Suddenly, the wall began to move and the rumble of the granite surface rolling across the stone floor probably woke the dead.

Elvira stepped through the secret door’s entrance and on to the other side motioning the rest of the party to follow.  Gnarshm made note of the secret doors location on the map.

Crumm takes the lead and brings the party down a long corridor which turned back northward then westward then back towards the south, when suddenly the torch that Greenhat was using had flickered out. Darkness!!

The party made their way blindly by following the walls through each nook and crevice, until they reached a breaching of the darkness that permeated these foul halls and mazes.


The party arrives in a brightly light maze of hallways and treads carefully throughout the labyrinth making turns of left and right and left and right again, sometimes backtracking to regain ground and continue on cautiously until reaching a set of doors, one to the north and one to the south. The southern door looked no different than any other doors in this wretched dungeon, however the northern door had a blue tinge to it.

Elvira approached the blue hued door. “I think beyond this door must be the time lord’s lair. Give me the blue key!” Elvira demanded.

Ruby gave Elvira the key.


The key clicked upon turning and Elvira made her way into the room. The party follows cautiously. Further in, dark figures can be seen moving in the shadows.


The second time lord appears as do his minions.


The Time Lord and his minions waste no time in attacking the party. One of the nine Siren’s cast their exotic beauty upon the green hatter gnome. Greenhat is paralyzed and under control of the beauteous Sirens!


Sammy and Gnarshm also quickly fall victim to the Siren’s lust and become incapacitated.

Ruby wastes no time casting her Icestorm spell, decimating the luscious Sirens into a frozen oblivion.

Twiggy finally casts her Fireball decimating the Lamia’s into a screaming hell.

The Time Lord turns in anger at the defeat of his beautiful sirens and capable lamias, boiling all his power into a ball of electric fire that he threw at Twiggy. Twiggy’s screams were unbearable and horrifying. Her dead body dropped like a fly saturated with way too much alcohol.

The Time Lord wasn’t finished. His anger raged purple as he threw his most potent spell against the ever so eager adventurer Gnarshm which dropped his body quicker than being hit with Mangar’s Mind Mallet.

At the sight of seeing Gnarshm’s and Twiggy’s perilous end, Crumm raged in anger and swung his sword with all his might, but even the brute ogre was no match for the wretched Time Lord, who flung Crumm’s massive body away with a flick of his evil rotting fingers.

Iscreem lunged at the Time Lord, but the evil master was too quick for the kobold warrior, knocking Iscreem to the floor and flinging the kobold’s weapon across the room.

Iscreem wasn’t finished though. He quickly grabbed the dagger that Lady Mirrenwen had given Gnarshm and struck back with all his might.

“YeeaaAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!” Iscreem yelled with all his might as he struck the Time Lord deep in the belly with the magical dagger.

The Time Lord whimpered and fell back onto the cold stone floor.


At last, the party has defeated the second Time Lord.

Ruby walked over to Gnarshm’s broken body. “Poor Gnarshm. He wanted so much to be a part of taking down the Time Lord, but alas he did not survive. We will have to bring him back to the temple and resurrect him.” Ruby solemnly stated.

Sammy picked up her fallen elven comrade.

The party made their way back to the castle to resurrect and revive the fallen heroes…….


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