Time Lord #3 -RoQIV

With the green key in hand, the party made their way back to the emerald door with weapons drawn and spells prepared. Elvira inserted the key with a click and slowly pushed open the door.


A thick hazy mist clouded the room making it difficult to see. The room was filled with arched stone columns that held a marbled ceiling in place. While making his way past each set of columns, Gnarshm bumped into what appeared to be a man carved from stone with an expression of horror on his face.  “How odd. Why would anyone design such a frightening looking statue. ” Gnarshm pondered.

“I found another statue over here. This one is of an elf.” Twiggy said. It also had shocked or scared facial expression. “I guess this is what goes for art these days.”

A thought of impending doom swept through Greenhat’s mind. The foggy mist made it difficult to see but he was able to catch a glimpse of a reptilian creature as it scooted along the ground in the distance beyond the elven statue. “These aren’t works of art! They are the works of a basilisk! Take cover! Don’t look at it’s eyes, it will turn you to stone!” Greenhat shouted.

Sammy, Iscreem and Ruby took cover behind a large column.


The lizard let out a menacing hiss.

Crumm passed between columns almost bumping into yet another stone statue; this one of a dwarf that had been caught in a running pose. “Where is it? ” the ogre warrior asked. “I can hear it, but I can’t see it.”

“Keep your eyes shut you fool! If it turns you to stone it’d take an army to haul you back to the castle!” Greenhat ordered, as he pulled out a pouch from under his tunic and emptied its contents. An assortment of rings, dice and gems fell to the stone floor along with a small silver cross. The gnome picked up a fiery looking gemstone and held it tightly in his hands and began the proper incantation. His hands began to warm as he continued his spell.

The hiss of the vile lizard grew louder and louder still.

With each chant, his hands felt the increased heat as they began to burn until he could no longer hold the gemstone any longer. With his last chant he stood up and turned and threw the gemstone towards the hiss of the basilisk. The gem shattered upon hitting the stone floor and erupted into a fiery inferno scorching the wretched beast.  The reptilian let out a violent roar as the flames burned its scaly flesh. It walked a few feet in pain and slumped to the ground.

The green hatted gnome motioned to Iscreem, who lept into action. “Finish the beast!”

Iscreem’s blade pierced the body of the charred basilisk as it squirmed in it’s last death throes. “It is done.” the kobold announced.

Suddenly, a monstrous growl echoed throughout the room. Then a wicked voice followed. “Who are you to intrude in my domain and murder my lovely pet! Show yourselves and come forward.” the voice boomed through the heavy mist.

Iscreem pulled his blade out from the basilisk’s carcass. The kobold pointed the blade which was now dripping red with blood, towards the menacing voice. Greenhat and crew followed quickly behind.

As the party continued forward, the mist began to clear revealing a pack of displacer beasts guarding the third Time Lord. Their fangs were sharp and their tentacles thrashed about in whip-like forms.


The Time Lord unleashed his beasts on the party in an angry fury. The raging beasts pounce ferociously. One charges at Gnarshm, but the gnoll holds his weapon steady and lands a deadly blow to the beast.


Iscreem and Sammy rush to formation and beat back the evil beasts. Crumm swings his blade mightily and slices the last of the beasts in half.

The Time Lord lunged forward with a surge of power. “The time has come for you to pay the piper!” the Time Lord screams as he pummels Gnarshm to the ground.


“NOoo!” Elvira yells out as she lunges at the Time Lord, but the evil mage easily brushes off the feeble attempt at backstabbing.

Crumm takes an incredible swing at the mage knocking the evil Time Lord down but if only momentarily. The mage quickly regained his footing and slammed Crumm into the wall. “I will not go down so easily!” the Time Lord remarked, but as the evil mage turned around, Twiggy and Ruby let out a dual blast of fire onto the evil lord disintegrating him into ash.


The party let out a sigh of relief in unison and with the third Time Lord defeated, the party glanced around the room for a moment. Greenhat walked slowly towards the dead peasant’s body. “Poor Gnarshm. He faught so valiantly. Crumm, help me carry his body back to the temple.” the gnome said sadly.

On the other side of the room, Elvira opened a gold plated chest uncovering an incredible pile of gold.


The party carried Gnarshm’s body back to the temple, along with the encumbering chest of gold. The priest at the temple recognized Gnarshm. “Hey, this is the gnoll that you brought to us a few months back isn’t he? What, he went off and got himself killed again has he? Well not to worry, we’ll fix him up.” the priest remarked as he gave out a bit of a cough. “You do have the necessary funds I assume?” the priest inquired with his hands held in anticipation of the required gold.


After the resurrection at the temple, Crumm carried Gnarshm back to the inn, but not to the fancy lodge that had been their usual room. The party decided to splurge some of their profits and spend a month at the Royal Suite which was equipped with the most luxurious accommodations in all of Rivaria. Located on the top floor of the inn, a balcony overlooked the castle’s royal garden. Gnarshm would have the finest room to recover from his ‘ongoing affliction’.



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