Time Lord #4 -RoQIV

Time Lord #4


The party comes face to face with another time lord. Air elementals twist violently like raging tornadoes, crashing and slamming Crumm and Iscreem into the wall.


The clay walls of the lair began to shake and crumble to the ground leaving a large pile of rubble. The mound of rubble speedily changed shape and morphed into a golem of clay.  Soon more and more golems are formed from the rubble. They too attack!


In the midst of battle, Ruby kept her concentration and read aloud from her spellbook. Harvesting the power of the ancient magic of words, she used a wand to draw the shape of a word into the air one letter at a time until it read K.I.L.L.

The power word materialized out of the air in a thick and heavy smoke. The ancient magic repeatedly chanted the word which now hovered in a mist about the center of the room. Kill. Kill. KILL.


With Ruby’s power word declared, the ancient magic both diffused the air elementals power and turned the clay golems into a lifeless mound. Twiggy performed a successful time stop, allowing the rest of the group to carry out multiple attacks on the Time Lord, draining him of his power until the last slash of Iscreems blade eventually did the evil time lord in.



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