Realms of Quest IV officially released

TIME STOP! We interrupt Ruby’s adventures to bring you this announcement…..

The Realms of Quest IV official/commercial VIC-20 release is now available.


Name: Realms of Quest IV (Official Release)
Author: Ghislain
Released by Psytronik on: January 19, 2014
Requirements: 16K/24K VIC-20 (for Realms IV), Unexpanded VIC-20 (for Realms I+II) and Commodore 64 (for Ultimate Quest: Catacomb). A disk drive is also required.

View the official realms of quest blog post for further release details and description of the game features. If you plan on playing Realms of Quest IV with an emulator, you can download the VICE emulator at

To buy a physical copy of the game on disk and a 16 page printed instruction manual in it’s very own plastic jewel case, visit the RoQIV  premium version listing on

Go here to get a lower-priced budget disk-only version

You can also obtain a digital copy of Realms of Quest IV

Discuss RoQIV at the denial forums, or here on this blog.




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