Time Lord #5 -RoQIV

After wandering through what appeared at first to be an infinite hallway, Ruby’s magical wizard’s eye spotted a secret door along the northern wall of the south passage. The door led to another musty passage completely void of light. The party stumbled along in the darkness until they came to a clearing where a set of spiral stairs led upwards to the dimly lit floor above.

“See? I told you we didn’t have to climb down that stupid pit! We could have taken these stairs.” Twiggy exclaimed, still bitter over the matter.

“Nevermind that now. We need to find the next Time Lord, and I have a feeling he’s hiding behind that cyan door to the east.” Elvira replied.

Gnarshm pulled out his map and made a notation while Iscreem eagerly pulled his sword from his sheath in anticipation of battle.

Greenhat inserted the cyan key, opening the equally bluish tinted door. The party pushed forward in battle formation as an evil voice cackled defiantly. “You may have defeated the four lords before me, but your luck may just have run out! Foolish adventurers!” a Time Lord shrieked as the party is assaulted by earth and fire elementals.


With a combination of Time Stop, Haste, and Power Word Kill spells, the elementals were quickly dispatched. Iscreem’s blade had sliced through numerous monster fiends with his enhanced Mordenkais Sword.


Sammy and Crumm pummeled the Time Lord repeatedly, momentarily knocking the breath out of him. When the lord regained power, he unleashed a wrath of fire scorching the entire party in a vile menace.

Sammy, Ruby, Twiggy, and Elvira dropped dead. “Just like that… Yeah.”

Crumm flipped. He was insane. Furious. Ripped. “No one gets away with something that horrible. NO ONE!”

Crumm unleased a wave of fury. “You go down NOW!” he shouted and the time lord did.


Gnarshm just looked at the now crushed skull of the Time Lord. A thought of confusion swelled into the gnoll’s brain. “I don’t think I can ever get this image out of my head. What am I doing here? Maybe I’m not cut out for all of this adventuring stuff after all.”

Iscreem responded. “Are you kidding? This is one of the few times that you fought a battle against a Time Lord and survived! You should be proud of your accomplishments.” the kobold said triumphantly.

The gnoll thought about it for a moment and then responded. “Yeah. Maybe I should.” Gnarshm said.

“Great. Now help me and Crumm carry our less fortunate adventurer friends back to the temple so they can recover their sorry arses.” -Iscreem exclaimed.


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