Lair of Confusion -RoQIV


After the resurrected had fully recovered at the inn, the party regrouped and again descended the dungeon. A dark passage led to a ladder that lowered into the sixth level where writing on a blood soaked wall read “Welcome to the lair of confusion!”


The party traveled southward to yet another pitched black room where something or things could be heard moving about in the darkness. With each consecutive footstep, the ground shook in a crushing rumble. (Whump! Whump! WHUMP!).  The noise came from the eastern side of the room and drew closer to the party. Then, footsteps were heard approaching the party from the west. (Whump! Whump! WHUMP!) Something approached from the south as well. (Whump! Whump! WHUMP!).

Then silence. Nothing at all. A gentle breeze swept across the old gnome’s face as he began his incantation of light. A bright blue spark flared from Greenhat’s hand as the mystical torch ignited. The gnome raised the lit blue torch high into the air illuminating the room about the party.

Iscreem was the first to notice that although the party clearly heard enormous footsteps approaching just moments earlier, there was nothing in the room but the party themselves.  “I know I heard something, but there’s nothing here in this room but these stone pillars. and the door that we came in through. What gives?” the kobold asked.

“Something is definitely in here with us. I can just feel it in the air.” Twiggy replied.

“I don’t see anything. We must be imagining things. Or maybe whatever we heard has some sort of invisibility spell cast upon itself.” -Ruby suggested.

The new plate armor that Gnarshm had purchased at Bolzaim’s marketplace was much heavier than the chain mail Sammy was used to wearing so she leaned against a pillar to relax a bit, when she noticed the stone ceiling above her appeared to move. “What the hell?”

As the party looked upwards to match her gaze into the ceiling, a large hand made of stone reached downward and grabbed the brute Crumm, picking him up off the floor and upwards holding the ogre in a deathgrip. The stone pillars weren’t pillars at all. They were the legs of giants! The party watched in horror as Crumm was stuck helplessly, numerous feet from the ground and in the grip of a stone giant’s enormous hand.

Then it dawned upon the party that they were surrounded by giants as incredible hands of stone reached towards the rest of the adventurers.

“RUN!” Elvira screamed as the party scattered about the room at epic pace.


Twiggy, who had sensed something was amiss from the beginning, had already prepared her spell of lightning bolt which boomed and struck through the stone giant mass, crumbling the former stone giant to a pile of dust.


Gnarshm and Iscreem faught side by side taking down one giant as Sammy and Greenhat teamed up to slay another as Crumm fought his way out of the giant’s insanely strong grip. Ruby took out the final creature with a power word stun. The stone beings collapsed and crumbled into nothingness. At the far end of the room, an old wooden box displayed on a pedestal.


Elvira gave a quick overview of the box, determined it was not trapped and opened the chest. Inside the party found gold and a green medical vial with a label that read “To revive life, imbibe entire bottle”.

Greenhat took a particular interest in this item. “This looks just like the liquid the high priest used in the resurrections.” After reading the bottles ingredients he continued…”In fact, this is exactly what the priest used. This will come in handy I am sure of it.” -the gnome said.

Greenhat gave the bottle to Iscreem for safekeeping in the bag of inventory.



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