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In an attempt to keep things orderly, (in case you like that sort of thing)…… going forward posts that are categorized+tagged as a Story will contain the previous and continuing storyline of Ruby’s adventures in the realms of quest (which may also contain hints n’ tips therein)  and also search-able via the Story category on the right side of the blog.

As the map of the first level of Realms of Quest IV was provided on the last page of the Realms4_manual, the storyline of my personal characters begins at the start of level 2 (i.e., if you want to read the storyline/adventures of my characters, you begin at the post of…..[Gnarshm’s book of Cartography]).

So if you just want to read the storyline of my characters, you can visit….

….then scroll to the bottom and read upwards for each new post etc. I’ll see about the possibility of reverse ordering a category of posts so posts view from oldest to newest, while maintaining the newest post on top style. Not sure it’s possible for a account though.

Similarly, posts categorized+tagged as a Note, will contain my personal thoughts, advice and tips on playing the realms of quest games based on my personal experience of playing them, or perhaps just general discussion of the games themselves. All current and future Notes can be viewed by clicking the Note category on the right side of the blog.

I am doing this, mainly to separate the story/plotline of my characters from just general discussion of the games themselves. All posts are now divided either into Story, or Note categories. Of course, if you just want to read everything you can still do so from the main page and scrolling all the way to the bottom and reading each post, then scroll upwards for the next newer post.

You can also search by other categories. See category list on the right side of blog. If you just want to view the maps, view Gnarshm’s book of cartography category. Only want to read realms of quest IV posts? you can do that too. etc.

I believe currently, wordpress allows for up to the first 50 posts to be displayed on screen at any given time, so that’s what it’s set at currently.

That being said, this post is a Note. My notes are below….

When mapping the dungeon, the priest’s Invisibility spell becomes ultra useful to keep monsters from attacking the party while exploring the dungeon. The priest’s Find Traps spell allows you to see pits and also descend pits without falling and hurting your characters HP’s. Strangely, it wasn’t immediately clear to me that besides just avoiding the pit with Find Traps spell, I could also (k)climb down the pit (preventing damage from falling) with the Find Traps spell. Careful though, you can (k)climb down pits, with the Find Traps spell, but not up.

Time Stop becomes a vital spell to the party, giving each character multiple attacks, plus if combined with Mordenkais Sword its usefulness increases significantly. If your magic users haven’t reached spell level 6 yet you could opt for the 3rd level Haste spell (although it only affects 1 person), and combine it with the 4th level Enchanted Weapon spell.

Power Word Stun is the first spell that if successful, can takeout all enemy monsters in battle however like all takeout spells before it (sleep, phantasmal force, fear), you won’t get any experience points (XP).

To kill monsters and get the experience points from doing so, you can cast (stinking cloud, cloudkill, death, and then ultimately…..Power Word Kill).

To deal damage to a row of monsters…..(fireball, and icestorm). To deal damage to all monsters….(meteor swarm).

To deal damage to an individual monster…(magic missle, and lightning bolt). You can do some pretty good damage with Lightning bolt so I often cast it against the Time Lords.

To be honest, I haven’t used the monster summoning spells all that much. If I’m understanding them correctly, the spellcaster casts a summon monster spell and then the next round the spellcaster can attack and deal damage based on the summoned monster’s combat stats. My spellcasters are usually too busy casting other spells, but I’ll have to test these summoning spells out a bit more as maybe I might be missing out on something good.

I haven’t fought that many demons so far, but I remember from playing RoQIII that spells like excommunication (if successful) can rack up some serious XP for the priest. Spells that kill demons are (exorcism [1 monster], excommunication [1 row], holy symbol [all monsters]). View the appendix D: Monsters for monsters that have a (D) next to their name.

Balron (D), Demogorgon (D), Demon Manes (D), Devil Lemure (D), Erinyes (D), Hell Hound (D), Marilith (D), Orcus (D), Rakhasa (D), Succubus (D), Yeenoghu (D)


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