RoQIV premium edition has arrived!

My order of Realms of Quest IV premium edition from has arrived today! [cue fan-fare]….and there was much rejoicing. :o)

One thing that I noticed is that psytronik/binaryzone now has their jeweled disks shrinkwrapped, which I think is ultra cool, and makes for a pleasant new game opening experience. See shrinkwrapped RoQIV premium edition below.


Upon opening, a brand new VIC-20 5+1/4 floppy disk, a wonderfully printed glossy colorful cover art+game manual inside. The reverse side of the inlay includes the first level 1 map.


My blog is even listed in the acknowledgements section of the manual. Thanks for that. :o)


+ here is RoQIII + RoQIV premium editions side by side. (front)


+ RoQIII + RoQIV premium editions side by side. (back)


Ghislain’s last name seems to be missing an L on the back cover of IV, back cover of III too, I think.

All in all, to be receiving a brand new jeweled case VIC-20 floppy disk in the year 2014 is pretty amazing. If you haven’t picked up one yet, go and grab one from binaryzone

Some additional thoughts regarding IV…..

I’ve been trying out the priests summoning spells and they do work quite well. If you have your wizards cast Time Stop it gives everyone in the party double their usual attack rates and my priest normally attacks twice per round so with Time Stop it increases to four attacks per round. Then with the Priests summon demon spells I’ve had my priest hitting in the 60+ range. Not too shabby! Couple that with having the wizards cast Mordenkais sword on the fighter type characters and you’ll be beating back those evil time lords for sure!

If after playing through IV with my current team, I decide to replay the game with new characters, I think I would probably set up my characters as the following…..

1 Thief (perhaps a Ninja instead, although Ninjas will take longer to level up, so I would probably just use a Thief.)

1 Wizard (perhaps a kobold wizard for quick level advancement)

1 Priest (maybe a gnome or hobbit)

+5 Lords = the ultimate Fighter/Priest/Wizard. However, Lords are incredibly difficult to roll up via character creation (as they should be).  Lords need a minimum requirement of 12 for all stats except for charisma which needs a 15 dice roll. Some races are easier to roll up a Lord than others. Humans, Elfs, and Hobbits, are the most likely to roll up a Lord so try those races. The other races will have more difficulty in rolling up a Lord as some of their lowest default stats make it difficult to obtain at least 12 for most stats and 15 for CHA stat.

I’ve been very happy to play RoQIII and RoQIV. These are exactly the style of crpg gameplay that I’ve been looking to play for in quite some time. Party based (up to 8 characters!), Turn based (you take your time and not worry about monsters slaughtering your party while you are busy dealing with other things away from the game, and then return to play later). Cool races and classes. (Gnolls, Kobolds, Ogres, Orcs, Sprites), (Lord, Monk, Peasant, Sage). Retro graphics (VIC-20 graphics instill a feeling of a youth long remembered which can be re-experienced today.

Anyways, the Realms of Quest series has been a blast so far. Stay tuned for more of Ruby’s Adventures!


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