Time Lord #6

The party regrouped and descended to level 6. Gnarshm found the red key in a dark room to the south of the stairs. Elvira spotted more ancient elvish runes carved into an equally aged door and again attempted a translation.


“It appears to be some kind of warning about a teleporter. A sort of point of no return…or at least not returnable by normal means. No key, no go. It’s pretty vague, but we’ve found the red key, and we have the ring of worlds in case we get stuck somewhere so I think we’ll be safe.” Elvira said.

Iscreem was the first to step through the teleporter. An enormous gust of wind rushed at the kobold pulling him violently into the void, twisting and bending his body and soul until he passed through to the other side. The sheer power of the teleporter caught him off guard as he fell forward and collapsed onto the floor of a crimson colored corridor. A moment later, the rest of the party came crashing through the teleporter.

The crimson passages looped and twisted back and forth like a compressed snake. At the end of the twisting corridors, a large red door with a protruding keyhole appeared. Gnarshm quickly inserted the key, unlocking the sixth time lord’s lair.


The time lord’s lair was cold. Ice cold. A foggy mist reached at the party from within the lair. A heavy breathing was heard from deep inside the lair. With each passing breath, the passages got colder still. Crumm was nervous. He was overwhelmed with fear, and through the icy mist the head of a dragon appeared. Crumm panicked and turned to run, but Iscreem shouted. “Stand your ground you big chicken!” Iscreem’s courage was infectious. Crumm disregarded his fear and joined the assault against the dragons with the rest of the group.

The time lord and his dragons meet the party in battle.


Twiggy casts time stop, allowing the adventuring team additional hits against the time lord and his dragons. One by one the dragons fell.


The time lord is enraged. In his fury, he unleashes a wild attack slaying both Ruby and Elvira in a horrific dual killing. A sick bloodlust flared in the time lord’s eyes.


But in the end, Twiggy decimated the sixth time lord with a bolt of lightning. With the time lord defeated, the surviving party members searched for an exit to the time lords lair but found none. As forewarned in the ancient elvish runes, the way out was unreachable without the help of dimensional magic. Twiggy slipped the ring of worlds onto her fingers and teleported the party out of the time lord’s lair. The group made their way back towards the levels above .



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