Didacus the Great

Within the long corridors of the seventh level, the party continued onwards. Ruby was walking a bit slower than the rest of the group as she was still recovering from resurrection sickness. “We’ve been walking for hours. How long must these halls be?, and why must that blasted kobold keep going on and on like that!” the hobbit shouted.

Further ahead, Iscreem had been endlessly bragging of his combat skills against the icy white dragons during the last battle against the Time Lord. Even Crumm was getting bored of the kobold’s gloating. Iscreem stopped for a moment to pick up a small key that was made of ivory. “Another of the Time Lord’s key’s no doubt.” the kobold said as he slipped the key into his pocket.

Having found the key at the end of a dead end corridor, the party returned to a series of corridors which contained four sets of stairs and passed through a door to the dungeons outer perimeter.

When the group turned northward along the eastern passage someone could be heard approaching the party in a steady march. Iscreem and Crumm peered into the distance and spotted what appeared to be a knight in shining plate armor, complete with sword, shield and helm, marching along the passage and heading right towards the party.  The knight advanced and removed his helmet. “Greetings fellow adventurers. I am Didacus. These dungeons are fraught with danger and peril. One must be cautious when descending the depths as you may never truly know what you will find. It is good to see an adventuring party such as yourselves. Have you also been sent here by King Lanthorn?”

Iscreem looked at the knight in amazement. “Didacus? THE Didacus that repelled and decimated legions of the undead and thwarted the necromancers attack on the castle? Didacus the Great? ” the kobold inquired.

“The very same. I see you’ve read up on your history books at Rivaria’s arcane library no doubt. Some monster fiends have made their way to the surface and attacked citizenfolk in the town above so I am here to slay as many of the wretched creatures before they attempt to surface again. You look like a courageous crew. What may I ask are you doing here in these perilous dungeons?” Didacus asked.

“Indeed we are here by order of King Lanthorn to slay the evil Time Lords and put an end to their wrath and destruction.” Twiggy responded.

“The Time Lords?” Didacus looked worried at the mention of those evil beings. “Time Lords are very dangerous. If I were you, I’d stay clear of them, however your mission is a valiant one. I just hope you’ve got it in you to defeat them all and live to tell the tale.” Didacus reached into a bag he had slung over his back and pulled out an old tome. “If you are to defeat the Time Lords, you must use all of your might, wisdom, intelligence….all of your attributes and skills in battle. Not only must you overpower him, you must out-think him as well.  You may have noticed that these corridors only reach the outer perimeters of the dungeon. To reach the inner lairs you’ll need to go back up one level and lower yourselves down via the pits.” the paladin said.

“Oh no. Not the pits again. I’m really beginning to dread them.” Twiggy said.

“Take this Tome of Magi. Read it well. It will give you insight that you did not have before. Perhaps it may give you an added edge in battle against the Time Lords. I wish you luck. Perhaps we may meet again someday.” Didacus gave Twiggy the tome and departed.


Twiggy looked over the tome intently. “A Tome of Magi! This is wonderful. I’m sure that using this will make my spells more effective and save me from other various perils like surviving a basilisks gaze or who knows what else.”

Iscreem interrupted. “But, you already have the ring of worlds. Why not give the Tome to Crumm? Lord knows he could use some more brains. No offense Crumm.”

Crumm grunted as he struggled to get a glimpse of the Tome.

“But I am a magic user. I’m supposed to learn from these Tomes. Crumm can’t cast spells. I doubt he could even learn magic missle.” Twiggy said.

“I know, but you are already smart. Crumm is just….well he just…..” Iscreem turned to look at Crumm who was now picking his nose with his stubby ogreish fingers.

Feeling a bit guilty, Twiggy gave in and handed Crumm the Tome of Magi. “Here. I know you need this more than I do. Maybe it’ll help you stay out of trouble or give you a better chance avoiding the evil spells that the Time Lord casts on us.”

Crumm had a big smile on his face as he viewed the Tome of Magi, and Twiggy had done her good deed for the day.


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