Age – RoQIV

Per the Realms of Quest IV Manual…

“AGE” found in the table represents the number of years that the player can reach before they’re considered to have achieved old age–and begin to deteriorate in their abilities. 1-3 points will be deducted from one of the six basic characteristics every year that has passed after reaching old age. When one of these reaches zero, that means that the player has died permanently from old age. Elves are not affected by aging, as long as they aren’t killed in the Dungeon, they can remain immortal.

Average AGE attributes according to race in the RoQIV (for reaching old age) is as follows…


While it is not uncommon for players to feel a need to use certain items like books, tomes, and other rare items that give increases to player character stats to their usual locations……(i.e. giving spellcasters a +1 to INT, or giving a thief a +1 to DEX etc.),   in the Realms of Quest IV, age presents a risk to your characters, and the older that they get, the more likely it will be that they die of old age.

Old age will likely affect certain races quicker than others, not only in the fact that certain races only live to reach certain ages set forth in the manual, but also in that some races have below average stats to begin with.

In the stat table above, the symbols mean the following…

+ =means higher than average

* = means average

– denotes below average

Characters with a — notation will have a higher likelihood that they will have a low stat.

+ When you have a character with multiple low stats, like Crumm, who as an Ogre, has an average death age of 60 (similar to humans), but unlike humans, he has a minus modifier of — for INT, WIS, DEX, and CHA, you might start to think that differently about where you give items that give bonuses to character stats.

Crumm….before using a Tome of Magi, and Potion of Long Life (notice INT and AGE)


Then, Crumm after using the Tome of Magi, and Potion of Long Life…


(Now, again…notice the INT and AGE)

The potion of long life took 1 year off of Crumm’s age, and the tome of magi added 1 point to INT.

Now, if Crumm were to reach an age of  61, 1-3 points would be deducted from one of the six stats for every year beyond an Ogre’s old age of 60. Now, if that stat had also happened to be INT and the dice roll had happened to be 3, he’d still have 1 INT point left, saving Crumm from certain death. :o)


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