Light (L) [priest spell] see darkness

Detect Magic (M) [wizard spell] see teleporters

Invisibility (I) [priest spell] see avoid combat

Wizard’s Eye (W) [wizard spell] see secret doors

Find Traps (T) [priest spell] see pits

Detect Evil (E) [priest spell] see initiative

True Sight (S) [priest spell] see everything

At certain points in the game, these non-combat spells are of vital importance. Light to see in darkness zones, Detect Magic to avoid teleporters and spinners, Invisibility to avoid combat (extra helpful when mapping the dungeon), Wizard’s Eye to locate secret doors, Find Traps to locate pits and to descend pits without falling+hurting characters HP’s, Detect Evil to stop monsters from getting the first attack, True sight for all except invisibility.

The further you descend in the dungeons, the more likely you will bump into Wights, Spectres, and other undead or demon creatures that Drain levels from your characters.

Iscreem had 200+ hit points, and Ruby had 99, but I made the mistake of wandering the dungeon without the aid of Detect Evil (E), ran into a bunch of undead and they got whacked back a few levels as the undead creatures made their initiative rolls and attacked the party before I could do anything to stop them.

Now, when wandering the dungeons I almost always have Detect Evil (E) and Detect Magic (M) activated. Having Detect Evil cast allows my party to always get the first attack. Then my spellcasters can cast spells against monsters with special attacks first so there’s less of a chance for monsters to DRAIN my team’s levels. The last thing you want is to get enough points to train a level, but then get hit multiple times with a Wight’s Drain attack. When we’ve racked up enough XP, it’s time to go back to the castle and train.


Appendix D: Monsters lists all the possible attack types that monsters may use.

BREATH – monster breathes fire at your whole party

CAST – cast a spell to inflict automatic damage against you

CHARM – paralyze by saving throw VS charisma

DEATH – death magic with saving throw VS constitution

DRAIN – drain player’s level with saving throw VS constitution

ERODE – destroy armor by saving throw VS dexterity

GAZE – turn player to stone with saving throw VS intelligence

HEAL – monster heals itself

POISON – player is poisoned when failing to save VS constitution

STUN – paralyze by saving throw VS wisdom

SUMMON – monster cries out for additional reinforcements

SWING – normal melee attack


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