Making animated .GIF’s with GIMP


Animation above is just under 350 images (screenshots of every move and turn from level one to level seven[battle images were excluded so to just show the path the party took]). The party begins at the entrance of the dungeon and travels through seven levels, reaches the northwestern section of level seven, then Greenhat casts “word of recall” and teleports everyone back to level one where we visit the castles inn and marketplace before again descending to the start of the dungeon where the animation repeats itself infinitely.

Animation with GIMP is easy to use and simple. GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. GIMP is a program that is similar to Photoshop, but free!


First, take the screenshots or images that you want to animate.

1 1.gif

2 2.gif

3 3.gif

4 4.gif

Number your images so that the start of your animation begins with 1.gif or 01.gif or 001.gif depending on how many images you are going to use and each consecutive image has a higher number and store all your images in a folder.

Then open GIMP and click File>Open as Layers. Select the first image and shift-click the last image so you select all of your images that you want to animate. This will add all of your image as their own Layer in GIMP.


If the Layers menu is not visible to you, then click Ctrl+L and the Layer menu will appear like the image above.

Now that you have added all of your desired animation images, click on File>Save As, then make sure to name the file with a .gif extension and also select GIF image(*.gif) in the dropdown selector.

In the next screen you select to “Save as Animation” and click on Export. You can add a comment to describe your animation file if you want, select Loop Forever, and decide how long the Delay between each image will be displayed. For the Lich animation I have chosen 700 milliseconds and selected “Use delay entered above for all frames.

The result is…


Pretty simple right?

There is also an option to convert the animation to greyscale.



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