Wraith – RoQIV


Stumbled upon some wraiths today…

Wraiths are undead creatures. Stats and attacks are as follows.

Level 8 / Hit Points 15-120 / AC 0 / #AT 2 / Damage 1-15 / Attacks 1+2= Swing, Attack 3 = Summon, Attack 4 = Death

2nd level Priest spell, “Exile the Undead” is effective against wraiths, killing up to a row of the creatures.



4th level Priest spell “Control Undead” is also effective at luring the wraiths. Control spells let you gain control of an enemy to make attacks on your behalf during combat.

1st level “Turn the Undead” (might) be effective but I didn’t get the chance to test it during this battle. Next time I run into a wraith, I’ll update this post with results of the “Turn the Undead” spell against the eerie and spooky looking wraiths.




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