The Lady in the Water -RoQIV

With his map in hand, Gnarshm directed the party towards a door to the southwest corner of the ninth level of the time lord’s dungeon.  “I had two markings on the map. One in the northeast room where we found the bronze key, and the other I had marked as ‘something interesting’. I can’t remember what I had seen there but its a good bet we’ll find something of value for sure.” the gnoll said enthusiastically.

“Get your swords and spells ready. It could be another of the time lord’s evil traps” Elvira warned.

The party stood before an old mahogany framed wooden door. A damp moldy smell permeated the area.

“Well what are we waiting for? Let’s do this!” Sammy said as the warrior took charge and kicked down the door.

In the room beyond, the floor sunk downwards and was filled with a murky bluish green tinted water.

“More nasty pond scum. Keep your eyes peeled for water elementals. Who knows what lurks about in these waters.” Iscreem said with his weapon drawn.

The party scoured the area in search of anything they could find lurking about in the water.

Suddenly, the old gnome shouted, warning the group of a potential danger. “THERE! I see something. It’s…it’s……”

Crumm finished the gnome’s sentence. “…a pretty woman with a sword”.

“Yes. A pretty woman in the water with a sword?” Greenhat repeated with a puzzled look on his weathered and wrinkled face.

The woman rose from out of the water and presented the party with a mighty and glistening sword of renown.


Iscreem stepped forward in amazement. His hand outstretched and reached for the mighty sword, taking the weapon from the water woman. “Thank you my lady.” the kobold said.

And with that, the water woman retreated back down into the water and disappeared.

The kobold looked at the mighty sword in awe. “It’s like something out of a fairy tale. Something of mythical legend. It must be a sign from the Gods. A sign that we must finish off the remaining Time Lords and save the realms of Rivaria from their evil clutches.” Iscreem said as he swung the sword about in the air.

“It is time.” the kobold said with a look of ultimate determination and sword in hand. The party proceeds onwards in battle formation.


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