Ultimate Quest: Catacomb (the beginning)


Reslain Presents, Ultimate Quest for the Commodore 64

Published by Psytronik Software in 2014 and included on disk side B of the Realms of Quest IV Commodore VIC-20 disk.


Originally created in 1989 by Rene Guertin & Ghislain De Blois. The new release improved on the original version by debugging the game, and re-writing the slower BASIC map drawing code into a faster assembly language plus the addition of a new splash screen as seen in the first image above with the Psytronik software label.

Characteristics are as follows…


You create a character and choose between the following 4 professions.

FIghter, Mage, Thief, or Barbarian


The weapons and armor chart table is as follows.


Other basic user data…


Keyboard Commands…


and finally, your mission in the Ultimate Quest: Catacomb…


There are plenty of character save slots so create a character, save them and begin the adventure! The timeline of Ultimate Quest is set many, many years before the events of the later Realms of Quest series of games. I begin my quest with the old gnome Greenhat’s magical and mystical ancestor…..Redhat.


Ultimate Quest: Catacomb begins at the entrance of Skeleton City. You must pay 10gp to enter the city.


Firstly, make sure to equip your weapon and armor. Items available to equip are highlighted in white. Items that are equipped are highlighted in red. Grey are unavailable.


ZAP that Hobbit!


Ultimate Quest: Catacomb is available on the Realms of Quest IV release via Psytronik. See Ghislain’s official Realms of Quest blog for further details.


One thought on “Ultimate Quest: Catacomb (the beginning)

  1. Realms of Quest

    I had a great time revisiting 25 year old code and piecing together several disjointed pieces of this unfinished game. I just emailed you the original and unfinished 1989 version of Ultimate Quest along with two other unfinished games from that era: Quest Realms and Catacomb. While the original UQ represents about 75% of the game you see here, I did use elements from those 2 other games.



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