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Ghosts and other monsters -Ultimate Quest:Catacomb


The more your character increases in levels, the more difficult monsters will come your way even in the city. After training to level 4 and resting at the inn I had 30 out of 31 HP, I had encountered my first ghost. I hit it with my newly purchased club, then it proceeded to paralyze me which made me lose a turn? or at least it appeared that way. Then it clobbered me for 15 points. I hit it again but then it paralyzed me again and hit me for another 15 points leaving my dead gnome corpse to rot in the streets of Skeleton City.

Here’s another level 4 monster. A hydra! Better RUN!


Starting on level 2 we meet up with some ogres. Where is Crumm when I need him?


On level 3, get ready to fight some Ettins.




Ultimate Quest: Catacomb – First thoughts….-UQ:C

After exploring Skeleton City in its entirety for the first time, I have come to the realization of some key points to this part of Ultimate Quest: Catacomb……

Whilst in the city, the object of this part of the game is to train your character to at least 6th level, as the 6th level is a minimum requirement to advance to the mountains beyond the city.


While doing so, you will want to accumulate as many spellpoints, useful weapons and armor, bandages, and food as possible. I had foolishly cast all of my spells early on with the thought of recovering spell points while resting, however this is not the case. There is a magic user shop called Grimlock’s Magical Guild, in which you can purchase spells (i.e. spell-points).


And an armour shop… A magic-user can only wear cloth armor which is already provided to magic-users at the start of the game. You just have to equip it by hitting (u) to use armour and select cloth.


and weapons shop… For weapons a magic user is given a dagger which can hit up to 6 points of damage. When I have enough gold I will purchase a Club which has up to 10 points of damage and is the best weapon that a magic-user can purchase via the weapon shop.


The mayor of Skeleton City has become corrupt and apparently is under the influence of the evil wizard Muhr, as the mayor is pushing the city towards totalitarianism. Perhaps Redhat will come back and slap some senses into this political scumbag, but right now, there are bigger fish to fry.


Within Skeleton City, there are many monsters and such to fight and to gain XP and gold from defeating.


A good strategy is to find the Inn towards the north-eastern section of the city and remain close to the Inn while fighting and accumulating XP and gold, then retreat back to the Inn to recover hit points. It only costs 5 gold pieces to rest at the Inn while purchasing bandages from the Big H (The temple/healers guild) will cost 25GP. You will want to stock up on bandages as well for your travels to the mountains in the eventual search for the stolen sceptre.



Ultimate Quest 1989 version + Catacomb + Quest Realms

Ultimate Quest: Catacomb (2014 version), was released on side B of the 2014 release of Realms of Quest IV disk.

Ultimate Quest: Catacomb is the final version of what had previously comprised of the following 3 unfinished games…(Ultimate Quest 1989 version, + Catacomb, + Quest Realms).

Only a small portion of Catacomb and Quest Realms were completed, and Ultimate Quest 1989 version had been previously abandoned half-way through the game.

Ultimate Quest 1989 version, + Catacomb, + Quest Realms are © Rene Guertin and Ghislain De Blois (1989 Reslain Systems)

Here I post some screenshots of the unfinished games… Catacomb, Quest Realms, and Ultimate Quest (1989 version). You can see where some of the graphics made their way from these 3 unfinished games to the now completed Ultimate Quest: Catacomb 2014 release.

Ultimate Quest (v.1989)- The search for the stolen sceptreultimatequest1989










Gnarshm appears as human here as the only available races in Catacomb were human, dwarf or elf.


Supplies given to Gnarshm as a fighter class.


Text intro screen at the start of the game after character creation. None other than Gnarshm! :o)

Quest Realms (1989)






Quest Realms offers our first glimpse into a party based rpg, that the Realms of Quest series will not see again until Realms of Quest III (2009)