Ultimate Quest 1989 version + Catacomb + Quest Realms

Ultimate Quest: Catacomb (2014 version), was released on side B of the 2014 release of Realms of Quest IV disk.

Ultimate Quest: Catacomb is the final version of what had previously comprised of the following 3 unfinished games…(Ultimate Quest 1989 version, + Catacomb, + Quest Realms).

Only a small portion of Catacomb and Quest Realms were completed, and Ultimate Quest 1989 version had been previously abandoned half-way through the game.

Ultimate Quest 1989 version, + Catacomb, + Quest Realms are © Rene Guertin and Ghislain De Blois (1989 Reslain Systems)

Here I post some screenshots of the unfinished games… Catacomb, Quest Realms, and Ultimate Quest (1989 version). You can see where some of the graphics made their way from these 3 unfinished games to the now completed Ultimate Quest: Catacomb 2014 release.

Ultimate Quest (v.1989)- The search for the stolen sceptreultimatequest1989










Gnarshm appears as human here as the only available races in Catacomb were human, dwarf or elf.


Supplies given to Gnarshm as a fighter class.


Text intro screen at the start of the game after character creation. None other than Gnarshm! :o)

Quest Realms (1989)






Quest Realms offers our first glimpse into a party based rpg, that the Realms of Quest series will not see again until Realms of Quest III (2009)



One thought on “Ultimate Quest 1989 version + Catacomb + Quest Realms

  1. Realms of Quest

    I didn’t even own a Commodore 64 at the time hat I was working on the games–I still had a VIC-20. So I went to my friend’s house after school to work on them with him. One consistent feature of the entire Realms of Quest series is the game logo and font.

    I actually made a box for Quest Realms where I had typewritten a description on the back of the box, along with a printed map of the game world. The cover art that I drew featured a dragon breathing fire at a lone warrior–the basis for which I would ask the artist (darkatx) to recreate based on my description for the cover art for Realms of Quest IV. I wish I still had that box!

    It makes me wonder if there are other Homebrew RPGs out there from the 8 bit computing era that are just sitting on floppy disks that are just sitting idle and forgotten in crawl spaces and the like.

    Inspired by Ultima IV and Pool of Radiance, me and my friend tried to exceed our grasp. I am glad to have finally pieced together all of these disjointed pieces of a big part of my childhood.



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