Ghosts and other monsters -Ultimate Quest:Catacomb


The more your character increases in levels, the more difficult monsters will come your way even in the city. After training to level 4 and resting at the inn I had 30 out of 31 HP, I had encountered my first ghost. I hit it with my newly purchased club, then it proceeded to paralyze me which made me lose a turn? or at least it appeared that way. Then it clobbered me for 15 points. I hit it again but then it paralyzed me again and hit me for another 15 points leaving my dead gnome corpse to rot in the streets of Skeleton City.

Here’s another level 4 monster. A hydra! Better RUN!


Starting on level 2 we meet up with some ogres. Where is Crumm when I need him?


On level 3, get ready to fight some Ettins.




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