Level 6 -Ultimate Quest: Catacomb


Once your character has reached level 6, “Can’t advance.” text appears where you would normally see how much EXP is needed to reach the next level. Although you can accumulate more EXP, it seems we won’t be advancing levels anytime in the near future or perhaps not at all. Will have to see what happens once we leave Skeleton City.

Now that Redhat has reached level 6, it is possible to leave the city and enter the mountains to continue on in the quest, however first he’ll need to accumulate as many food, healing potions, and spells as possible. Wouldn’t want to leave the city unprepared.


Spells can be purchased at Grimlock’s for 8GP each. Will definitely need as many spells as possible as the monsters we find going forward will most assuredly get more and more powerful the further along in our quest we go.


[Redhat casts Incendiary Cloud on the Demon]


[We’ll need lots of gold to purchase our supplies]

Food can be either purchased at the Deli, or what’s even better is a Fruit Stand that sells food cheap just south of the Deli. You can grab 5 Fruits for 5GP.

Healing Potions can be bought at the Big H for 25GP.


I figure it would be best for Redhat to gather 100+ of each supply (food, healing potions, spells), then make his way to the Northwestern passage through the mountains.




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