Activating the Teleportation Pillar….-Ultimate Quest:Catacomb


The threat of the evil wizard Muhr must be stopped. The sceptre of might that Muhr had stolen must be recovered.


In our search of the wilderness, we must find 4 items which will activate a teleportation pillar. Only then can we reach the catacombs which hold the evil wizard Muhr, defeat him, recover the king’s stolen sceptre of might, and restore freedom to the land of Grynd, and to all of the lands beyond.


Redhat traveled many numerous miles and finally found one of the four items. A statue.


For 1000 gold, we obtain the statue from the Guardian.

Redhat continues on…


The pillar of teleportation is located.


But the other 3 items are needed before we can use the portal.


After further travels, Redhat discovers a wondrous and radiant pool of water. A flask of it’s water is retrieved.


In exchange for the flask of water, we pay the Guardian 2000 GP.

Redhat presses onwards to locate the third and fourth item to activate the teleportation portal.


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