The Torch of Fire and the Earth Stone – Ultimate Quest: Catacomb

The red-hatted gnome traveled through the endless forest, fighting off the hordes of creatures that call this place home. When he finally cleared the last of the trees, a large blazing torch made of fire stood burning ever so brightly.


Yet another guardian stood before the torch of fire. 3000 gold was required to obtain the torch.


Far to the east and high atop the mountains, the gnome climbed, ever so watchful to avoid the enormous Titans that stormed about these vast mountainous ranges.


A fourth guardian made of rock, held a large stone in its granite hands. 4000gp was required to obtain the Earth Stone.


With the heavenly statue, flask of water, torch of fire, and earth stone all in the gnome’s possession, Redhat made his way back to the Pillar of Teleport in search of the catacombs and the evil wizard Muhr.


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