Realms of Quest III: The Dunjon Crawler [enhanced graphics]


Included on the Realms of Quest III disk is a 16K version of Realms of Quest III called Dunjon Crawler, which is a more simplified version of the 32K version of Realms of Quest III. This one is a straight up dungeon crawler (no overworld area map to traverse, only a 3-D dungeon, no music, no joystick control, & only 1 save slot for disks, no save option for tapes.)

A quote from the manual…

“The goal of Dunjon Crawler is to recover the King’s sceptre from the CHROME DRAGON who resides on the 15th floor of the dunjon in the catacombs underneath the Castle. A reward of untold riches will be bestowed to you if you’re successful. Once the sceptre is recovered, the dunjon will be reset into a new one so you can replay this “on the side” adventure all over again- with increasingly greater difficulty each time you complete the quest. 32K users can transfer their saved game to Dunjon Crawler with the “Transfer Party” application in order to build their characters and acquire additional treasure.”


It’s been a while since I’ve played any Realms of Quest III so I wanted to make sure I still have my party backed up somewhere and sure enough, my team is safe and sound.


With a new game or new version of a game, I usually find it more interesting to create a new party of characters. Just because. This version of Realms of Quest III: Dunjon Crawler, starts you off in a blue dunjon rather than the usual red one.


Watch out though. It’s tough. If your new party stumbles upon 11 skeletons, you might want to run away as fast as you can!


Will be continuing on with Realms of Quest I + mapping out it’s dungeons soon. Just wanted to try out a bit of Dunjon Crawler for a change. Really like these party based games.


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