Realms of Quest I (The Quest for Survival!)

If the Realms of Quest series of games each had their own specific name (other than I, II, III, IV etc.), I’d say “The Quest for Survival” pretty much sums up (Realms of Quest I). Either that or “The Quest for Gold”, as it is incredibly difficult to progress in Realms of Quest I, unless you can acquire the necessary gold to both rest at the inn, and train your character. (Resting at the Inn costs $50 GP per resting, The cost of training levels increases with every level, so more and more gold is needed to train).


When you train your character, you will get an available increase in Hit Points and Spell Units, however you won’t actually get the points of either until after you have rested at the inn. By the time you are ready to train, you probably also are in vital need of resting also so unless you have enough gold to do both (unlikely), then you may want to consider resting first so to at least re-coup the HP and SU that you currently have so you don’t end up in a situation where you are in vital need of gold while also being low on HP and SU. I’ve encountered this situation personally. Don’t make the mistake of saving your game when you have low gold, HP and SU, otherwise you will be patrolling the entrance to the castle in search of low level monsters to fight and defeat without losing HP’s and running back to the castle to save game until you can gather enough gold to actually rest/heal/train.

Battle with Demon


Battle with Dragon


Notice the increase in XP after defeating the Dragon


Unfortunately, Orangehat encountered a second dragon after defeating the first….


Orangehat falls to the second Dragon!


I got a bit discouraged early on during my playing of Realms of Quest I, and decided to test out Realms of Quest II for a bit.


Purplehat is my chosen gnome for the Realms of Quest II.

Realms of Quest II seems easier (from the short time I have tested it), but also more extensive.

Realms of Quest I seems more straight up dungeon crawler. Find the 4 parts of the amulet and defeat Nikaedor, while Realms of Quest II has you finding 10 orbs of power which are spread throughout multiple dunjons. Realms of Quest II has an overworld map to traverse with multiple dunjons to locate and also close up shots of the monsters that you encounter while Realms of Quest I has 1 dunjon.

Still…..although it appears that Realms of Quest II is more extensive, something is drawing me back to Realms of Quest I. Realms of Quest I may be a more simplistic dungeon crawler, but yet requires more determination and effort to progress. Or at least that is my summarization of the game at this point in time.

More to come….




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