Onwards to dungeon level 5 (Realms of Quest I)

Progressing in Realms of Quest I gets a bit easier after you have trained a few levels which allow you to remain the dungeons for longer periods of time and rack up more gold. The deeper you delve, the more gold you will acquire, but it gets dangerous down there.

Back at the Smythe’s Shield Shop I purchased an Ancile Shield.


(The Ancile is a +3 shield)


I finally made it to dungeon level 5. When fighting tough monsters like dragons, and beholders, it helps to cast the sleep spell which if successful can eliminate the enemy outright.


(Killing a Beholder)

Orangehat isn’t in Kansas anymore.


♫ Follow the orange brick road…follow the orange brick road. ♫

Now that Orangehat isn’t dying upon every descent anymore, Realms of Quest I is starting to get exciting. I’ve mapped levels 1-4 and am mapping level 5 now.  20 levels in total.


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