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Gnarshm’s Dream (part 1)

Gnarshm awoke on his bed at the inn’s royal suite in a nightmarish sweat. The gnoll was certain he had shouted in his sleep and that the inn’s maid would be checking in to make sure that the gnoll was alright in moments time.

The vivid dream was still ingrained in his gnoll-ish mind. He heard the old green hatted gnome’s voice as lucidly as if he were right here in this very room speaking with him. Night after night, the dream replays in the gnoll’s mind.  What does it mean? What should he do? Could it be that the old gnome was still alive after all? Gnarshm tried to remember in as many details as he could, the final moments of the battle against the tenth and final time lord.

Words. Greenhat spoke an incantation as the time lord threw the old gnome into the abyss. The gnome’s voice then seemed to echo in Gnarshm’s mind, but he couldn’t make sense of the words. Neither then, nor now.

Suddenly, the gnoll heard a knock on the door and the voice of the inn’s maid inquiring to the gnoll’s current state of well being. Gnarshm heard the metal key turn the lock and the door began to open with a creak. “Are you okay in there? Do you need anything?” the maid inquired.

“It is alright Esmeralda. I just had another nightmare, that is all.” the gnoll replied.

The maid pushed open the door further and spoke. “Were the temple priests not able to help you? Its a month’s night and yet you still have this same dream?” The maid looked worried as she wheeled through a plate of food towards the gnoll’s bedside. “I bring you your mid-day meal of tea and biscuits as you have requested sir.” Esmeralda said.

“It is mid-day again already? Gnarshm nursed the wound on his head and affixed a fresh bandage. I had meant to awaken earlier. I’ve spoken with the temple priest again. I fear his aid can only reach so far. I will need to seek further assistance elsewhere.” Gnarshm stated as he looked upon the tray of delicious biscuits and honey tea. “Thank you, it all looks scrumptious, however I cannot eat and I must go meet an acquaintance at the ‘Skeleton Head’.”

“The Skeleton Head? No good will come from there, and its no good to start your day without a good meal in your belly. I’d stay clear of that place if I were you. Please. Keep your head about you for goodness sake. Besides, your tea will get cold and you are the last of our great heroes to remain at the inn now, save for that horrid kobold.” Esmeralda pleaded.

“What do you mean? I spoke with Crumm just last night and I thought he had decided to stay.” Gnarshm spoke with a slight shock in his voice.

“Crumm and the kobold had a bit of a falling out after you left, and the ogre decided it was best for him to leave.” the maid replied.

“Darn! How can this be? It’s only been a month. I thought for sure the party would stick together longer than this.” a frustrated Gnarshm exclaimed.

“I don’t suppose there might be anything that I can do sir?” Esmeralda asked.

“No.” the gnoll replied, but as the maid reached the door to exit the room, Gnarshm suddenly had a change of mind. “Wait, perhaps there is something you can do. Can you send word to the hobbit Ruby? I need to speak with her. She will understand. I know she will.” the gnoll asked of the maid.

“Very well sir, I will send word to Ruby to meet you in your quarters.” the maid replied.

With that, the maid left to send word to the hobbit, and the gnoll left for the Skeleton Head.







Ray Harryhausen – stop motion visual effects master [adventure movie classics]

Ray Harryhausen is perhaps my most favorite special visual effects creator. He has created some of the greatest stop motion animations, and monster works of all time. A true artist of great makings and his incredible work will most definitely live on for years to come.

Santa was kind this year. I found some great Ray Harryhausen flicks in my stocking.

Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger for DVD,  features Minoton, Troglodyte, saber toothed tiger, ghouls, and a great adventure story. A true classic. A definite must have for inclusion to a movie collection of any fantasy adventure fanatic. I absolutely love this film. Hopefully someday it can be re-released on bluray as it has long since sold out and is no longer available online at reasonable prices. You can still pick it up on DVD at a decent price. The full movie used to be on youtube for free but no longer. The video below is a clip of the film where the tiger fights the troglodyte and is one of my favorite Ray Harryhausen animation scenes.

Other fantastic films found in my stocking that deserve a good watching…

The 7th Voyage of Sinbad for Bluray

and The Golden Voyage of Sinbad for DVD.

Edit – (after watching the 7th Voyage of Sinbad + The Golden Voyage of Sinbad + Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger + Jason and the Argonaut’s + Clash of the Titans [original 1981 Ray Harryhausen version], I feel that the film that has the best plot and the most re-watch-ability is “The Golden Voyage of Sinbad”. It’s plot and characters are the most developed and interesting. I find myself routing for both the good guys and the bad guys equally, plus it has excellent animation, and the best acting of all the films mentioned above, but all of the mentioned films are spectacular and deserved to be watched. The level of creativity in the animation techniques, plus all of the adventure, and awesomeness of these films is something that you just won’t find in films being produced nowadays. These old films are fantastically mindblowing, really. Watch them!

Santa delivered! The old gnome was right after all!

Santa is real. He really is! Iscreem had his doubts from the beginning and it didn’t help that Twiggy kept antagonizing and making fun at the kobold warrior’s expense at every available turn.

“Santa is folklore for little kids! Santa isn’t real!  Santa is for delusional attention deficit disordered kobolds!”  Twiggy would taunt at him, but it wasn’t true. None of what the elf wizard told him about Santa was true. Why do elves have to be so mean and cruel? Greenhat had always said to be on your best behavior so Santa will bring you something good for Christmas and to everyone’s surprise, that is exactly what happened.

Santa had left the kobold warrior a fine and exquisite set of the infamous ‘Cobold Carrot Carving Knives’. How did Santa know that the kobold was a collector of ‘Cobold’ carving equipment? and how did he know the kobold’s favorite vegetable was the carrot?

“Santa knows all! He knows who is good and who is bad! How else would he know about my love for ‘Cobold Carrot Carving Knives!’?” the kobold stammered.

“Silly kobold! I’ve lost count of the number of times you have blabbered on and on about those ridiculous carrot knives!  Santa didn’t give them to you! Greenhat left them to you in his will!” the elven wizard blasted.

“What?! but the tag says this gift was from Santa! Greenhat!, that old gnome. He really did get senile in his old age didn’t he?” Iscreem muttered.

“No more brain frazzled than poor Gnarshm I suppose.” Twiggy said.

“Oh well, have a merry Christmas anyways!” the kobold grandly announced!”

… and a festive and merry time was had by all.



Word of Recall -RoQI


The Book of Spells 5 offers some very useful spells. No longer will you have to worry about whether you have enough hit and spell points to make it back up to the surface. Provided that you have at least 5 spell points to cast ‘Word of Recall’, you can now jump from wherever you are in the dunjons straight to the entry stairs of level 1. VROOM!

NOTE: The Spell ‘Word of Recall’ cannot be cast while in battle, so don’t waste your spellpoints trying to cast it when fighting.


Power Word Kill just may slay that enemy outright, without the need for a long and exhausting duel to the death.

and Heal Spell will usually restore HP to the full amount.

I wonder if there will be a Gate spell in the Book of Spells level 6 to jump from level 1 to level 10 or beyond? Will find out soon enough.

Greyhat takes the throne -RoQIII


Finally figured out what the throne did besides zapping you for HP damage. If the magic of the throne overwhelms you, you receive a +1 increase to one of your stats (STR, INT, WIS, DEX, CON, CHA etc.) or -1 decrease to one of your stats if you are unlucky.

Of course this Seat of Stat Altering can be manipulated by saving the party before taking the seat, a bit of patience and reloading if you end up with a stat decrease.

Greyhat before taking the throne


Greyhat after taking the throne


Per my post of sometime last year, the fountains that you find in the dunjons will either replenish your HP’s to their full amount, or poison you if you are unlucky.


Lineup change in the Realms of Quest III

Here is my Realms of Quest III lineup as I had left it, prior to my diversion into a start to end play-through of Realms of Quest IV and Ultimate Quest: Catacomb, and half-way march through Realms of Quest I.


Crumm – Ogre Fighter
Brute – Ogre Monk
Greenhat – Gnome Priest
Mead – Orc Fighter
Ruby – Hobbit Thief
Twiggy – Elf Wizard

The above lineup worked well from the start of the game up until now.

To make RoQIII dungeon crawling easier, I’ve decided to replace Brute (Ogre Monk), with a Necromancer.

The Necromancer class in RoQIII is essentially a Priest/Wizard class. 1st level Necromancers cannot cast any spells.
In order to gain the ability to cast spells as a Necromancer, you need to train to level 2, and in order to train you must make kills in combat.
I had initially made a Necromancer character at the start of the game but during initial gameplay with the rest of my team of level 1 characters, getting a Necromancer to make kills in battle was tough.
Even my fighters struggled to survive each battle, early on.
Now that my team has higher HP’s, better equipment, some magical items, and is able to defeat tougher monsters that pull in higher amounts of XP’s per kill, bringing in a Necromancer at this point in time is much easier.

Here are a couple of items I found while dungeon crawling that aided in getting my Necromancer to make kills in combat.

Boots of Elvenkind – When worn, these boots give the wearer the ability to have an additional round of attack during battle.
Potion of Giant Strength – Drink this potion in battle to gain the strength of Giants.

Greyhat managed to kill a few of these Ropers. Ropers give +5000XP per kill and now that he has trained a few levels can cast Wizard (Fireball!) and Priest spells also. Now that Greyhat can cast some decent offensive spells, I’ve traded the boots and potion back to Ruby.


Plus Mead found a +8 Crossbow! YEah! Make sure to buy arrows at the armory.


My current lineup is

Crumm – Ogre Fighter
Greenhat – Gnome Priest
Mead – Orc Fighter
Twiggy – Elf Wizard
Ruby – Hobbit Thief
Greyhat – Gnome Necromancer


Uh Oh. An Evil Eye!