Excalibur and the search for more gold -RoQI


At last I was able to pay the blacksmith the required gold to add Excalibur to my item list, along with the Aegis shield, and Full Plate armor. Don’t bother purchasing any item from the blacksmith other than the following 3 items, otherwise you’d just be wasting gold, and in Realms of Quest I, you’re going to need all the gold you can get.

Excalibur = sword+5 – 8192 gold pieces
Aegis = shield+5 -3104gp
Full Plate = armor+5 -3328gp

Total equipment costs= 14624gp

Lycaeum: Scrolls of Forbidden and Secret Knowledge.
2000gp each X 4 = 8000gp

22624gp in total to purchase equipment and scrolls.

+ 50gp per resting

Cost to train character increases with each level.

Training to level 11 will cost me 7168gp
I’ve read 1 scroll from the lycaeum so far. 6000gp needed to read the remaining scrolls. So I’ll need at least 13168gp, plus another 50gp per each resting period.


I’ve got 82gp currently. Time for some more dungeon crawling.


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