The Amulet of Infinity – Realms of Quest I

Over at the Lycaeum, there are four scrolls of forbidden knowledge that should be read. Each of the scrolls cost 2000 gold pieces. I probably should have read the first one first, as it gives you a clue as to how to go about finding the four pieces of the Amulet of Infinity. Up until now, I had previously only read the second scroll.

Note: The elders of the Lycaeum allow you to read the scroll while at the Lycaeum after paying the required 2000 gold pieces. You do not get to take the scroll with you so when viewing the scroll, copy the scrolls contents (i.e. take a screenshot) so that you can view it again later without needing to pay another 2000gp.

Scroll No.1: The Amulet of Infinity


There are 4 amulet pieces. Thus to find each piece, make the calculations in the screenshot above and travel to the correct dungeon coordinates for each piece.

As reference to the way dungeon coordinates are in the Realms of Quest I, see this example of level 5 in Mapping in the Realms of Quest I.

Once you are at the correct dungeon coordinate, cast the Wizards Eye (from Book of Spells 3) to find and obtain a piece of the amulet. The first piece can be seen to the right of Orangehat’s 20 Wisdom. :o)


2nd piece of the Amulet of Infinity


3rd piece of the Amulet of Infinity


One more to go.


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