The Gargoyle Dragon and Nikaedor -RoQI (The End)

After locating the final piece of the amulet and casting Pass Wall to make my way through level 20, I found the entrance to the vaulted hall of the Gargoyle Dragon and the Demon Nikaedor.


Seeing that I have all four pieces of the amulet, the Gargoyle Dragon asks me for the secret word.


I won’t give out the answer here. You can get a hint by reading one of the scrolls at the Lycaeum. Then you must defeat the gargoyle dragon by attacking its weakest spot.


Gold! at last!


The Demonic Nikaedor!

Important Tip: Nikaedor is very tough to beat. 540HP’s!! Do not take the stairs to level 21 until you feel you are strong enough to defeat him. (+ Make a backup of your game before you descend to the final level).  The vaulted hall (final level 21) is encompassed in an anti-magic zone so you have to fight Nikaedor in hand to hand combat without the use of spells and the demon often hits in the 20+range.

Upon defeating Nikaedor……


Next up… Realms of Quest II.



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