Realms of Quest II (Anniversary Edition 2011)


In the Realms of Quest II, the demon wizard Nikaedor, recently back from the dead and more powerful than ever, unleashes his revenge upon the realms by summoning ten demons who are instructed to inflict their wrath upon the kingdom.


A new hero is needed to stop the demons and recover the stolen orbs of power in order to defeat that dastardly demon Nikaedor once and for all. (hopefully) ;o)


Keyboard commands are the following…


In Realms of Quest II we can purchase healing potions in the cities.


Attributes are as follows.


I’m enthused that this sequel has a wilderness area to explore in addition to the RoQI style dungeons to delve. There is just something about wandering about the realms and searching for places of interest, that makes it more interesting than just descending dungeon levels until you reach the big bad guy at the bottom. Also the intro music is neat.

Following in my tradition of hat wearing gnomes, my chosen character is the purple hat wearing gnome (Purplehat).


Another new feature that is included in RoQII that wasn’t in RoQI is that we get to see monsters up close and personal.


Rats. Why did it have to be Rats? Not only that, but they appear to be Rodents of Unusual Size! :o)

For more information on where you can obtain the Realms of Quest II Anniversary Edition (included in the Realms of Quest IV VIC-20 release), visit Ghislain’s official Realms of Quest Blog at the link below.

Realms of Quest I – IV are © Ghislain de Blois

If you do not own a Commodore VIC-20 computer, you can download the VICE emulator so that you can run VIC-20 programs on your computer. The VICE emulator is available at


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