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Realms of Quest III and IV Budget Disk Editions


I was viewing Psytronik/Binary Zone’s website recently and noticed that the Premium Editions [VIC-20 disks inside of wrapped plastic jewel cases with glossy printed manuals] of Realms of Quest III and IV stock are now all sold out. There are still the budget disk versions of Realms of Quest III and IV. The budget versions contain only the physical VIC-20 disk, (no jewel case and no printed manual), but a .D64 game image (which can be used in commodore VIC-20 emulators) of the game comes with each budget disk version purchase.

You can still purchase the budget edition disks of the games through Psytronik/Binary Zone. See the links below.

Realms of Quest III Budget VIC-20 Disk Edition

Realms of Quest IV Budget VIC-20 Disk Edition

And if you like strategy war games, Ghislain’s Theater of War is still available in Budget VIC-20 Disk Edition also.  Get these disks while they last!

I’m assuming each budget edition version also comes with a pdf manual. In case it doesn’t, the manuals for Realms of Quest III and IV can be viewed below.


Realms of Quest IV Manual