Orb #2 Demons+Demon Brides -RoQIII


In the dungeon across the river bridge the party descended to the 15th level, fighting many dragons, medusae and queen xorns along the way.

greendragonpic reddragonpic medusapic queenxornpic

At the lowest level the Demons and their Demon Brides await!


Having more than 1 priest (or a priest + necromancer combination helps out allot when fighting demons, for their holy symbol, excommunication, and exorcism spells)


The demon brides manage to slay Twiggy! but the remaining crew survived.


Two orbs recovered, and six more left to find.


In the dungeons we also discovered a Ring of Wizardry! This ring reduces the cost of casting WIZARD spells by one spell unit (per spell).



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