Gnarshm’s Dream part 4: At the Inn

Gnarshm reached the door to the royal suite only to find that the lock had been picked at and the door pried open. A rustling of papers could be heard from inside the room. The gnoll unsheathed his sword and slowly entered the room with his sword at the ready, only to encounter a familiar hobbit ravaging through the maps and scrolls which laid about the room.

“Ruby! , My message has apparently reached you. It is good to see you again, but what may I ask are you looking for?” the gnoll inquired, as he sheathed his iron sword.

“We have to move quickly for there is not much time.” The hobbit stated as she scooped up a handful of maps and dungeon scrolls from the gnoll’s worktable. “You are being followed by a lizard-kind. The Seer you spoke with cannot be trusted. He has put a watch upon you and I do not know why, but only that we need to leave this place, and leave it soon. I have spoken with Crumm, and he has procured a boat from his workplace at the docks that will take us across the sea to the gnome-lands where we can meet a gnome that can lead us to the location of a secret entrance to the lands of purgatory. Our only hope of saving the old gnome Greenhat will be there.” the hobbit said.

You have spoken with Crumm? What about Twiggy? Will she assist us also?” Gnarshm asked.

A fraught look displaced Ruby’s usually easygoing demeanor. “No. I am afraid not. As you know, her best elven companion Sammy did not survive the Time Lord’s wrath, nor did her younger sister Elvira. The thought of again working with that wretched kobold Iscreem, completely repulses her. The only one that she truly trusted was Greenhat.” the hobbit stated.

“What about you? Surely she trusts you?” Gnarshm asked inquisitively.

The hobbit began to sob. “I’m sorry Gnarshm. She said she doesn’t trust thieving burglars, and that I was just up to my no good tricks again. Before I learned the art of magic, I was a rogue by trade. Twiggy knew of this and has never truly trusted me.” Ruby replied.

“But Elvira….she was a rogue.” Gnarshm stated.

“She was an elf, and also Twiggy’s sister. I could never live up to an elven standard. I am sorry Gnarshm, I tried, but Twiggy would have none of it. Twiggy has left these realms for the timeless forests and does not plan on returning here. We are on our own, but Crumm will help us.” Ruby said.





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