8 Orbs recovered & the Demon Wizard Nikaedor Defeated! -Realms of Quest III


With all eight dungeons searched and all eight Orbs having been recovered, the party makes their way to the final dungeon, across the purple lava lake and into the fiery depths of Nikaedor’s very own living hell!


Deep and deeper into the last and final dungeon we descend, but once we reached the bottom, we discovered not one Nikaedor but six of them! along with 12 of his Demon Brides!


The magical gnomes, Greenhat and Greyhat take their turns casting out their holy symbols, and Twiggy cast her Time Stop, Enchanted Army and Meteor Swarms! The rest of the party swung their weapons mercilessly until finally  the demon bride’s fell and then soon Nikaedor and his evil clones fell as well.  The party is victorious!!!


The Demon Wizard Nikaedor is defeated! But the evil never ends! We must go forth and fight the good fight against the son/s of Nikaedor!



Here are the final screenshots of my party at the end of Realms of Quest III

Greenhat – Gnome Priest


Greyhat – Gnome Necromancer


Twiggy – Elf Wizard


Crumm – Ogre Fighter


Mead – Orc Fighter


Ruby – Hobbit Thief



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