Realms of Quest III: Dunjon Crawler (The End)

“Included on the Realms of Quest trilogy disk is a 16K version of “Realms of Quest III” called “Dunjon Crawler”. The following features have been removed from the full 32K version so that a version of Realms III could run on a more commonly-available form of memory expansion for the VIC-20:


-No music and no joystick control

-No map (just a single 3-D dunjon)

-No thrones in the dunjons (only water fountains).


-No save game to tape (only to disk with a single save game slot).

The goal of Dunjon Crawler is to recover the King’s sceptre fron the CHROME DRAGON who resides on the 15th floor of the dunjon in the catacombs underneath the Castle. A reward of untold riches will be bestowed to you if you’re successful. Once the sceptre is recovered, the dunjon will be reset into a new one so you can replay this “on the side” adventure all over again – with increasing greater difficulty each time you complete the quest. 32K users can transfer their saved game to Dunjon Crawler with the “Transfer Party” application in order to build their characters and acquire additional treasure.”

Deep into the fifteenth level, six Chrome Dragons and twelve Red Dragons await to slaughter your adventuring party, so be prepared!


Unlike Nikaedor, the Chrome Dragons along with their Red Dragon ilk, can be defeated with the Wizard’s ‘Power Word Kill’ spell. “KILL, KILL, KILL!!!!!”


Eventually, (hopefully, you will be victorious!)


And may you receive lots of glorious loot!


Just like, Realms of Quest III, after defeating the Chrome Dragon and obtaining the seemingly ever stolen sceptre, you get a notation of how many times you have beaten the game/recovered the sceptre, and can play the game on infinitum with ever increasing difficulty.



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