Eight previously unreleased games for the VIC-20: THE SYSTEM IIII GAME CATALOG 1986-1990


Ghislain de Blois (creator+programmer of the Realms of Quest series), has released 8 previously unreleased games for the Commodore VIC-20.


“All games made by Ghislain, except where noted.

ADVENTURE WORLD (1986 by Nanuq): A very simple text-based RPG adventure. Included in the collection for posterity.

MS. VIC-MAN (1990): There were so many VIC-MAN games out there, I figured that a 4-maze sequel inspired from the arcade should be made, so here it is.

OPERATION: NATO (1990): Three simple action war games combined into one.

SPACE DESTRUCTOR (1986); A one or two player shoot’em up inspired by those VIC-20 manual type-in programs that were made by Duane Later.

SUMO SMASHER (1986): Should be renamed KEYBOARD SMASHER. Each player uses their respective action keys to bow at the beginning of the sumo match and then proceed to repeatedly abuse said keys to win.

VIC BOXING ASSOCIATION (1986): A PETSCII version of PUNCH-OUT!! You can’t just mindlessly press the punch keys to knock out your opponent here — you have to counter their moves. If the opponent nudges slightly to the left or to the right, you can throw a quick punch to tag him. If the opponent telegraphs a punch by moving widely to the left or right, you should then dodge first and then hit him repeatedly with punches.

VICEYE THE ARCADE GAME (1990): Think of this as a COMPUTE!’s Gazette type-in version of the Popeye arcade game. Tip: make sure that you are facing your enemy Pluto when he throws a bottle at you–only then can you punch it. The firebutton does not control punching — you can only punch when you successfully punch a bottle or move towards the cans of kale at the top of the screen.

VIDEO QUEST (1986): My earliest RPG game. I also had an idea to make a sequel to this that would feature an overland map, cities, and people to talk to. The game engine wouldn’t be as elaborate as Realms of Quest III & IV, but it would have really pushed the boundaries of the unexpanded VIC-20. I might make VIDEO QUEST II some day, but I need a couple of free weekends to do so. ”

Sometime last year, prior to this official release, I had the opportunity to try out the “Video Quest (1986) RPG. It’s simplistic, but it’s still a pretty neat dungeon crawler. Check out the screenshots below.
You move about with the WASD keys.
W= North
A = West
S = South
D = East
P = Drink Potion
Return = Climb
Combat Commands are
F = Fight
C = Cast
R = Run
Upon rolling a character with decent stats (of Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity), you will want to have your graphing paper ready to map out the dungeons.
The dungeons have wireframe graphics, and stairs leading up take you to the castle where you can heal your character and trade gold for XP. Take note that your character always faces north, no matter what direction you travel to. Additionally, those two footprints or hoofprints or two VV’s you see in the image below mean that on that particular square, you can travel southwards by hitting the S key.
You will want to search for more ladders leading further downwards into the perilous dungeons.
As usual there are numerous and vile monsters to fight the further you descend.
A Stirge
A Ghoul
Fight your way to the bottom of the dungeon, but when the going get’s tough, make sure to get back to the castle before you become worm-food.
You can get THE SYSTEM IIII GAME CATALOG 1986-1990 and also discuss the games at the link below.
Download link

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