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Realms of Quest II [spells, potions, and orbs]


Side 2 of the Realms of Quest IV disk contains the special anniversary editions of Realms of Quest I and II. You can select between the original game and the enhanced game. The original game is faster, but the enhanced version features in battle monster portraits which are nice.

Here is an Ettin in the original game


Here is an Ettin in the enhanced version with the monster portrait


I’m picking up the game where I left off, so here is a recap of the plot.




We need to find the 10 orbs of power. Each orb will be located on the 9th level of each dungeon, and will each be guarded by a Demon. Once we have defeated the 10 Demons and recovered all the orbs, we must seek out Nikaedor’s lair and defeat him.

There are 6 spells that you can cast provided that you have enough spell points. The first spell requires 1 SP, the second spell requires 2 SP, and onwards etc.


1.) Cure

2.) Fire (medium damage to enemy)

3.) Heal

4.) Kill (lots of damage to enemy)


5.) Gate (teleportation)

6.) Word [of recall] (teleports party from wherever you are in the dungeon on whichever level, back to the overland map at the entrance to the dungeon). This is very useful.


If you have enough gold and visit a castle to rest, you will be able to purchase healing potions which are vital to have with you when descending the dungeons.