Realms of Quest II [spells, potions, and orbs]


Side 2 of the Realms of Quest IV disk contains the special anniversary editions of Realms of Quest I and II. You can select between the original game and the enhanced game. The original game is faster, but the enhanced version features in battle monster portraits which are nice.

Here is an Ettin in the original game


Here is an Ettin in the enhanced version with the monster portrait


I’m picking up the game where I left off, so here is a recap of the plot.




We need to find the 10 orbs of power. Each orb will be located on the 9th level of each dungeon, and will each be guarded by a Demon. Once we have defeated the 10 Demons and recovered all the orbs, we must seek out Nikaedor’s lair and defeat him.

There are 6 spells that you can cast provided that you have enough spell points. The first spell requires 1 SP, the second spell requires 2 SP, and onwards etc.


1.) Cure

2.) Fire (medium damage to enemy)

3.) Heal

4.) Kill (lots of damage to enemy)


5.) Gate (teleportation)

6.) Word [of recall] (teleports party from wherever you are in the dungeon on whichever level, back to the overland map at the entrance to the dungeon). This is very useful.


If you have enough gold and visit a castle to rest, you will be able to purchase healing potions which are vital to have with you when descending the dungeons.



4 thoughts on “Realms of Quest II [spells, potions, and orbs]

  1. Realms of Quest

    The anniversary edition of Realms II is the definitive version of the game–it combines the 2006 version that was entered into the minigame competition as well as the graphics I made for the abandoned version of Realms II that I made in 1993. Ironically, this means that Realms II was finally finished after Realms III.

    The overland map and dungeons are all generated with an algorithm. I really like being able to program an RPG and making it fit inside 3.5K of RAM. I had an idea to undertake another similar project where I’d make something similar along the lines of the first two RoQ games — but this time an overland map that is even bigger than Ultima IV’s hat is designed by hand and is loaded from disk into the VIC-20s memory on an on-needed basis.


  2. rubygolem Post author

    Hi, I’m enjoying the anniversary edition of Realms of Quest II. It’s tough but I like it. I’m attempting to accumulate enough potions of healing so that I can survive long enough to get deeper into the dungeons to fight the demons and recover some orbs. A little while back I had searched through some archives and old posts and played a bit of some of the earlier versions of Realms of Quest I and II. I definitely prefer being able to name my own character instead of playing as Wormwood or not having a name displayed on screen. I found a neat pdf of instruction info for the Special Edition of Realms of Quest II and have it uploaded at the following link.

    I love the up close monster portraits, but generally I play the original style Anniversary edition of Realms II as it is much faster when my computer isn’t loading the portraits. But I have been occasionally accumulating monster portrait images for a bunch of monsters that I’d like to upload to a gallery of images on this blog somewhere at some point.

    Your idea of making another Realms I/II or Ultimate Quest II style game with a hand designed map sounds great. Hand designed maps are preferable, as it gives players more incentive to map each level out on graphing paper. Are you still considering making a Realms of Quest V someday? That would be fantastic!


  3. Realms of Quest

    If you turn off real drive emulation in VICE, he portrait version of Realms II will worm faster (if you haven’t done so already).

    I constantly think about making Realms V, but real life definitely gets in the way and so it will be quite some time before I feel that I am ready to undertake such a big project. But when Instart, you will be the first to know.



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